Whether you want to manage a web project alone or in pairs depends not only on your goals but also on your character and skills. You can read more about the pros and cons of both options in this article.

If you have a brilliant business idea, you have to ask yourself at some point whether you want to run a web project alone or in pairs with a partner. This decision is not an easy one for many entrepreneurs, as you can benefit from both variants. At the same time, there are also risks, such as B. Conflicts between the partners or lack of knowledge at the solo founder, which should be taken into account when making a decision.

If it is difficult for you to weigh up exactly which option suits you and your project better, our comparison of the two options can help you make a decision.

Comparison of solo founders vs. founding in a team

There are significant differences not only financially in a web project alone or in pairs. Especially with regard to in-house know-how, decision-making freedom and interpersonal relationships, the two variants differ enormously from each other.

Advantages as a solo founder

A particularly big advantage as a solo founder is certainly his independence. If you run a company alone, you don’t have to make any agreements. You can choose the strategy and take whatever path you think is right. This not only makes your company more flexible, it can also react faster to changes. This also means that you cannot get into business conflicts without a partner, which often slow down the decision-making processes in the company.

Another important factor is the financial aspect. As a solo founder, it is often cheaper to set up a company. At the same time, you don’t have to share future profits.

The development of your company and its career can ultimately only be traced back to you. Everything you achieve has come about solely through your work. You can enjoy the feelings of pride, prestige, and success all by yourself.

Advantages of starting in a team

Even if it sounded like a solo start-up was the non plus ultra. It’s not quite like that. Setting up a business for two also has some outstanding advantages and offers many opportunities to implement it. While you as a solo founder have to bear the risk and responsibility of your own web project alone, you can share this with a partner here. This makes your work much more relaxed and takes the pressure off difficult situations. At the same time, workload and duties can be evenly divided among each other so that one of the many tasks within a company is not overwhelmed.

Another very important point is that several founders or entrepreneurs always bring several and diverse skills and a wide range of knowledge to the company. While as a solo founder you often have to rely on external know-how, you can benefit from in-house experts who have the same goal in mind.

Even when profits have to be shared and business start-ups are often more expensive. When founding a company for two, financing and liabilities can be shared in equal parts. As a solo founder, however, you have to bear these costs alone.


Whichever variant you choose, whether it is the right choice, you ultimately only know in retrospect anyway. Sometimes it is worthwhile to start as a solo founder and only bring in a partner after the company has grown to a certain extent. Or you start as a team and develop over time, so that from a certain point in time you are better off as the sole owner.

Regardless of whether you start a web project alone or as a couple, it is only important that you are satisfied with the choice at the moment of the decision and that it best suits your project. You can’t know what the future will bring anyway, so worrying your head about it doesn’t really help. So better put this energy into your web project.

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