The time has come now! You are considering to tender your project to a service provider and to formulate your project tender. Projektify would like to help with the search for a suitable service provider. As with the sale of web projects, an important point is of course the well-drafted project tender.

Motivation behind the project

First of all, show that the project is really important to you and pick up the freelancer with a story. Convince him that only your project is the right assignment for him. Getting the best freelancers is important for you too. Also show the freelancer that you have already built up some work and specialist knowledge and that you are the right client for the project.

Verbosity is important

Take your time for the tender: the more detailed your project is described, the better the freelancer can get an idea of the scope and duration of the job. Describe exactly what you envision as the end product and what is required for it. Freelancers want to know what to expect and how much time the project will take.

Framework conditions and requirements

Think carefully beforehand about the conditions under which you will place the order – what will you make available to the service provider? (Design, logos, graphics, etc.) What else do the service providers have to design / develop? What is the exact task? The more the service provider learns about the order from the project description, the better he can get into the work, make the right offers and calculate time and costs. Also describe in detail what you expect from the service provider and what requirements it should meet. Above all, knowledge and professional qualifications are very important.

Budget and schedule

“And what should that cost” the service provider will usually ask yourself very early on. So think about how much time the work will take and derive the necessary budget from this. Some projects sound simple, but are actually more time-consuming and complicated than expected. Do not scare the service provider with an idea that is too unrealistic.
When does the project have to be finished? After you have determined the workload, you have to tell the service provider whether it is an urgent project or not. The longer the tendering phase lasts, the more offers you will receive, but it also takes longer for the project to be completed. So think about exactly how long you want to advertise.

Do not wait long and create your project advertisement!

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