Sometimes ideas arise from the thoughts of an individual, but sometimes they are based on togetherness with others. When it comes to merging and forming a team, this can have many advantages for those involved. Not only responsibility, work and costs can be split. The strengths of each individual can also benefit the company’s success. Weaknesses can be easily compensated for.

Opening a company together can also be much more exciting than being yourself Sole proprietorship to try. We will therefore show you which things you should consider when founding a team and which tips and tricks can be used here.

What is important?

The most important thing when starting a team, in addition to a well-engineered business plan, is definitely communication. Uhr should make important arrangements in advance. Who works how much, what remuneration do you want to pay off and what do you do if somebody decides to quit? How much stake in the company does he then own? Who does the company name belong to? Who is allowed to run the company in such a case?

So that you don’t stand in front of a huge pile of broken pieces of your work in the worst case scenario, you should definitely discuss these topics sufficiently. Don’t be afraid to talk about unpleasant things and keep all agreements in writing. If you discuss critical points when starting up as a team at the beginning, you get an insight into less easy times. Can the team work well together even under difficult conditions? Do you all know how you have to take the other under pressure and can you deal with this personality?

If you come to an agreement here and still want to set up a company together, then you can then think about the next important point: Who actually takes on which tasks?

Establishing in a team – the distribution of roles

Areas of responsibility cannot always be distributed just like that – according to the motto: You do IT, I take care of marketing and everyone is responsible for their own area. The various activities of the individual roles often overlap or several founders want to work together in the same area. In order to avoid conflict situations here, it is particularly important to make precise agreements about the individual positions and their relationships to one another. Are they all boss together or does one have more authority than the other? Are all opinions equally valued when making decisions or is there a right of veto?

Opportunities when founding a team

While in a classic job you often have to start at the bottom of the hierarchy, as the founder you are your own boss right away. As a team, you can benefit enormously from the knowledge and experience of each individual. Together you can build such a company solely according to your ideas and visions. There is no constant ricochet against well-worn structures here.

In detail, of course, you also benefit from the distribution of responsibilities, costs and risks. When founding a team, there is one burden Start ups equally on the shoulders of all entrepreneurs. As an individual, you benefit from a more relaxed way of working. Trust and being able to rely on one another are further building blocks that make a team so popular.

Risks when starting a team

As you can see, starting a team offers many opportunities but also some stumbling blocks. Of course, we do not want to withhold from you the dangers you have to face.
Because even if you share responsibility, costs and risk, you are still all in the thick of it, albeit at a lower level. You can never know for sure whether a company will be successful. Even starting up in a team does not change that. At the end of the day, you must also be aware that, especially at the beginning, the pay is poor and the workload and pressure are enormous. You are completely on your own and this is not only reflected in your wallet. Such stressful situations often put friendships or associations as business partners to the test.


Make it clear to yourself what you expect from yourself and from the other participants and also express these thoughts. Nothing is worse than a tricky relationship between the founders, especially in the already difficult early days. Communication is also essential when setting up a business. If you don’t know exactly how to approach it, it is often worthwhile to hire an external moderator who leads the discussion professionally and lets everyone participate from the same position.

It is also important that I am aware of the dangers of starting a team and that I develop a common strategy on how to avoid them. Because only if you all pull in the same direction does your company have a chance of success. This also includes listening to other points of view and opinions and, if necessary, accepting them. Take each other as you are and always have a goal in mind. In business, too, it’s not just about having a good partner, but also about being one yourself. This not only strengthens your personal ability to work in a team, but also immensely motivates everyone.

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