Off-Page SEO


Do you have your own website and want to expand its reach? Then you can not avoid the subject of the SEO to deal with search engine optimization. A basic distinction is made between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The on-page SEO focuses on the internal optimization of the website. Above all, this includes qualitative content in conjunction with suitable keywords and internal links. With off-page SEO, the structure of your own website plays a subtle role. Much more important are other websites and strategies how you can market your own website on them and thus achieve a better ranking position with the common search engines. For niche websites in particular, off-page SEO offers a good opportunity to generate a higher reach. We’ll show you the two most important off-page ranking factors for your website: Backlinks and Social media . Off-page optimization through backlinks Probably the most important ranking…

Keyword optimization: This is how you climb up in the ranking You can hear it everywhere keywords, google rankings, keyword optimization. This time we will explain to you what it is all about and how you can use the tool specifically to your advantage. What does keyword optimization mean anyway? The term keyword optimization is actually wrong and misleading, because strictly speaking you cannot optimize keywords. However, you can optimize your website specifically for certain keywords, depending on how relevant these are for you and your company. How do I go about targeted keyword optimization? Keyword optimization is basically about using and linking keywords on your site in a targeted manner and according to plan. They should be terms that other people associate with your products or with your company. To find these terms, you should think about what potential customers are looking for, i.e. which terms they enter into…

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