Do you have your own website and want to expand its reach? Then you can not avoid the subject of the SEO to deal with search engine optimization.

A basic distinction is made between on-page SEO and off-page SEO. The on-page SEO focuses on the internal optimization of the website. Above all, this includes qualitative content in conjunction with suitable keywords and internal links. With off-page SEO, the structure of your own website plays a subtle role. Much more important are other websites and strategies how you can market your own website on them and thus achieve a better ranking position with the common search engines. For niche websites in particular, off-page SEO offers a good opportunity to generate a higher reach.

We’ll show you the two most important off-page ranking factors for your website: Backlinks and Social media .


Off-page optimization through backlinks

Probably the most important ranking factor in off-page SEO Backlinks represent. Backlinks are hyperlinks on one website that lead to another. As a rule, these are website recommendations, as they deal with a similar topic as the website visited. In order to increase the awareness of your website, you should have as many backlinks to your website as possible on other platforms. The rule here is the higher the website ranks on search engines like Google, the more profitable a backlink is for you.

Note, however, that these should be websites that are related to your topic. So if you have a food blog, backlinks to gourmet sites or nutrition advice sites make sense. So first find out for yourself which websites are “high-ranking” for your topic.

In order to get backlinks, qualitative content is particularly important. It is also advisable to establish contact with other bloggers and platform operators from the same subject area. You may find this useful in other situations as well. You also have the option of easily acquiring backlinks for a fee via portals such as backlinksellers.


Social media as an off-page ranking factor

Under Social media all common internet platforms used for communication and networking of users are understood. The best known are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media are an important ranking factor for off-page SEO. If you share the content of your website on social media platforms, you can increase the number of clicks on your website. Each post means a backlink to your website. It is also important that the content of the posts is qualitative. You should also be extremely present on your social media channels and regularly share new content.

Social media tools like Blog2Social can make this work easier for you. With each new entry on your website, you can determine when and on which social media channels this content should be shared. Most of the time, these tools will also give you the best time to post, which will help you reach more users.

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