Social media, in German social media, serve to network users and their communication and cooperation via the Internet. This networking is mostly profile-based. The aim of social media is the exchange for both private and professional purposes. Companies can communicate with (potential) customers via social media platforms, carry out marketing measures and market research, as well as offer feedback options and customer support. Typical social media platforms are Blogs , Wikis, photo and video platforms, chats and discussion forums. The best known include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Xing. [werbung] [fotolia]

The return describes the overall success of an investment within one accounting period. It therefore indicates the ratio of the payout to the deposits made by this system. The return is therefore important for measuring the success of an investment The aim of every financial or capital investment is to achieve a certain amount with the invested capital. This is commonly referred to as the rate of return. The rate of return, also known as profitability, can be viewed in terms of payment or balance sheet: Payment-oriented consideration: In the case of the total return on capital from the payment-oriented perspective, the company’s surplus payments are in relation to the total capital employed. If you want to find out the return on equity, you have to deduct the interest payments to the lenders from the company’s surplus. Balance sheet-oriented view: The profit for the period is set in relation…

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