Regardless of whether it is an online shop or your own blog, sooner or later every website operator will come to the point where they no longer feel like visiting their website. Be it for technical or content reasons, you basically have two options: One is, you try to redesign your website technically or in terms of content so that you are newly convinced of your project. The other option is to sell your website and start a new project.

If you choose the second option, we can help you with it. About our Online marketplace you can sell your website and yourself anytime looking for a new project . If you don’t want to run a new website, we’ve put together a few alternatives for you.

Alternative 1: make money selling photos

Do you like taking photos and have an eye for unusual and exciting motifs? Then earn money with it! You can sell your photos through various photo platforms such as Thinkstock. This not only benefits you, but also other website operators who are looking for good pictures.

Tip: The same goes for selling videos or other visual products.

Alternative 2: work as a copywriter

Have you written all the texts for your website yourself and basically like to write? Then offer your skills online! Many website owners hire freelance copywriters to create content for their pages. In order to be able to earn money successfully, it is very important to have a good network and good references. Also advertise with the click numbers of your website if it was successful.

If you do not want to work as a freelancer, online platforms such as Clickworker can be used to place jobs. You can easily register there and start practically directly with various jobs.

Alternative 3: Write your own eBook

Would you prefer to write on a specific topic of your choice? Then maybe you should think about writing an eBook. Regardless of whether it is a fictional or true story, a scientific article or a romance novel – you are not restricted in your choice of topics.

Alternative 4: Take part in online surveys

One final alternative that we would like to introduce to you is to take part in online and market research surveys. With this method you can easily earn money without having any special knowledge. This alternative is ideal for those who do not like to work creatively.

Various online platforms such as offer you a large selection of surveys with this alternative, in which you can take part directly.


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