Would you like to earn a little extra or are you looking for a job that you can do from home? Then this is exactly the right thing for you: Sell your own products online.
If you want to find out what options there are and what you should pay attention to when selling on the Internet, then this article can help you.

Sell your own products online – this is how you get started!

You have probably already noticed that many people try to earn some income in this way or at least toy with the idea. But why are some entrepreneurs so successful, while others struggle every day and still cannot make a living from it? In addition to the right attitude and a lack of passion, this is also often due to the wrong approach. So that you can successfully sell your own products online, we have compiled an overview of the aspects that you should definitely pay attention to in e-commerce.

Reading tip: Find a niche

The right product

If you want to sell your own products online, you sometimes have the problem that you don’t really know what to offer. If you are also not sure what you could earn money with, then you can find out with the help of a keyword analysis, e.g. with the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. To do this, you simply take a look at which terms, i.e. keywords, are googled particularly often. This gives you an overview of which products are currently particularly in demand and which are promising.

The optimal marketplace

Here, too, it is entirely up to you how you want to sell your own products online. Of course, you have the option of using platforms such as Ebay, DaWanda or Amazon, or you can choose one own online shop build up or take over. This is especially useful if you plan to sell several different products.

But how do you get enough traffic on your site?

In order to appear high in the rankings on Google, it is important that you generate a lot of good content by, for example, publishing articles and blog entries on your site.
Another possibility is to be active on social media or in various forums and to repeatedly create posts with a link back to your page.
You can find even more tips to increase the traffic of your website here .

Reading tip: Increase traffic

Correct handling of the competition

There are several ways to deal with competition if you want to sell your own products online. Either you offer common products for which there are already many other sellers or you look for a division that is in demand but not so strong in terms of supply and design one Niche website . If you decide in favor of the former, it is important that you differentiate yourself from your competitors by finding a unique selling point. This can be good customer service, fast deliveries, a professional website or particularly high-quality products – there are many ways to make your own shop attractive. Ultimately, the only thing that counts is that your customers find added value with you that other shops do not offer in this form. If you want to learn more about setting up web shops then click here .

The legal background

Anyone who sells used or homemade things on a small scale from time to time falls under the law under retail trade between private individuals and does not have to pay attention to anything else, as the state is generous here. But if you act like a dealer, that is, you buy products and then sell them on, you should observe some legal regulations. As soon as the proceeds of your sale exceed the annual amount of 600 euros, you have to pay taxes.
The same is true if you are one of those people who regularly sell your own products online, because then from a legal point of view you count as an entrepreneur and run a business that you register with your municipality or city administration according to German law and for which you pay taxes have to.

Reading tip: Build up niche side

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