Do you work in the field of e-commerce and have not yet found what you are looking for the right shop system? In this article we introduce you to xt: Commerce. So that you can ultimately decide for yourself whether this software is the right one for your online shop, we clarify not only the most important facts but also the decisive advantages and disadvantages.

What do I need a shop system for?

Shop systems always come into play when it comes to setting up online shops. In order for these to function properly, web shop operators need the right software in addition to the necessary specialist knowledge. Shop systems regulate the entire process within an online shop, from presentation to purchase and payment for the products. All functions can be controlled from the back-end and displayed appropriately in the front-end. Due to the increasing pressure of competition in the e-commerce business, suitable software has become almost indispensable. But since the market is now teeming with shop systems, it is important to filter out the right one from the countless offers.

xt: Commerce – you have to know that

xt: Commerce is one of the top 5 most used shop systems among the thousand most successful online shops. Since its development in 2006, it has long been an indispensable part of the world of e-commerce programs. It is currently most widespread in the versions xt: Commerce4 and xt: Commerce5. The software is best known for its stability, good scalability and its mostly flawless functionality. It has particularly high installation numbers in the area of small and medium-sized web projects.


xt: Commerce particularly stands out due to the following plus points:

– quick installation, relatively simple operation
– good scalability
– many pre-installed features and templates
– Wide range of add-ons
– Ability to manage with multishops
– Interfaces to SEO
– Products can be exported to price comparison portals
– well structured back end


But there are also some disadvantages with xt: Commerce.

– License fee, only partially open source
– just start! Version free of charge
– Paid support and plug-ins
– difficult creation of article variations
– complicated shipping cost function
– JavaScript administration requires certain programming know-how

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