Many startups and companies are being sold head over heels. The previous boss is in need of money, is no longer interested or just wants to reorientate himself. Now is your hour! You buy the company quickly and get started right away. Or not? Even if time is of the essence, you should stay cool as a successor. In this text we show how you can buy a GbR and what you have to consider.

What actually is a GbR?

Society under civil law belongs to the group of partnerships and is used in everyday language with GbR abbreviated. In contrast to a GmbH, a GbR can be founded without complex formality by several people who pursue a common goal and want to fulfill a specific purpose with the company (source: Start-up scene ). The advantages of a GbR include the following:

  • is hardly subject to formation formalities, no restriction to certain professions or industries
  • there are little or no start-up costs
  • no minimum capital required
  • can be set up and managed with little bureaucratic effort

Variant 1: Buy shares in the GbR

A GbR cannot simply be sold to a new shareholder like a GmbH. A little detour is therefore necessary. The following would be conceivable: Both parties first define a sales contract. Such You can find contracts on our blog . Then you have to accept the buyer in your GbR and then simply leave yourself. But check beforehand whether your founding agreement allows these formalities or not. It is also advisable to consult a notary.

Variant 2: Establish a new GbR and transfer values

There is also a second variant, which we often experience at Projektify. As a rule, only the pure web project is sold and the buyer establishes a new GbR. Then one GbR sells the web project to the other GbR, e.g. online shop or the company like a kind of product. Often a simple sales contract is sufficient here Download Projektify for free can.

Conclusion: You cannot buy a GbR directly

So you notice that you cannot buy a GbR directly but that you can take it over very easily via two detours. Option 2 is often cheaper because the formation costs of a GbR are usually below the costs of a notary. From this you can buy a GbR very inexpensively with the help of our model contracts.

Buy GbR at Projektify

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Do you have any more questions? Then use ours Purchase advice service . Here you get help and advice from a real expert.


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