Looking for a web-based open source system to set up your own web project? Contao could be yours as CMS to be helpful. In this article, we will explain a brief overview of the program and the advantages and disadvantages of Contao.

What is Contao?

Contao, formerly known as TypoLight, is a relatively young program among the content management systems. With its powerful and flexible system structure, it is particularly suitable for medium to large web projects. Unlike Joomla or Drupal, Contao is more page-based. This means that several pages can be managed via one structure. With its diverse design patterns, it allows its users a high degree of individuality when building a website.


Contao achieves satisfaction with its users primarily through its easy handling, which can also be learned quickly by laypeople. With its automatic updates and low complexity, the program is characterized by a high degree of clarity and safety. The search engine-friendly website creation, which makes the use of SEO possible without specific specialist knowledge, is particularly outstanding. A large community quickly integrates all new members and is available to help set up your own web project.


In contrast to WordPress or Joomla, the display of the individual functions is poorer here. Instead of summarizing all tools, a distinction is made on a page-specific basis. This complicates the use of the program. The installation is also comparatively more complex, as is the server relocation.


Due to its ease of use and the free download option, Contao is particularly suitable for beginners and laypeople. If you want to customize not only your site, but also the CMS behind it, you will find exactly the right thing here.

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