How can I determine my website value?

Are you planning to buy a website and wondering what the price is? In this article you will get the answer to your question: “How can I determine the value of a website” using the most important factors for an objective price determination. We show you methods and answer the question: How can I determine my website value.

Price calculation factors

Basically there are a number of very clear factors that make up the price, ie the value of a website.
1. The SEO metrics
2. The visual impression
3. The market
4. Differentiation and unique selling points to the competition
5. Is the website or company already generating a profit?

Determine the website value with SEO metrics

For exact details of SEO We already informed about metrics in a previous article. The visibility index, the domain popularity, the rankings in Google, as well as the existing traffic are clear indicators of the potential of a website and thus make up an important criterion with regard to the price of a website.

Optical impression and usability

The competition is fierce and the appearance of websites is relatively good in the vast majority of cases. Only when the first visual impression is correct will visitors feel attracted to the website. That can be compared with our personal life. If someone is trying to sell you something and is not dressed as you expect them to, they will have a hard time getting their offer to you. A website should therefore be designed in a coherent way. User-friendliness should also be guaranteed – after all, there is nothing worse than not finding your way on a website. This is the only way to make sustainable use of the offer and to achieve high conversion rates.

The market for a web project

Only when there is a market for a company and its range of products can it generate sales, and better still, profits. However, if the market is already very large and the respective project does not manage to set itself apart from the competition with unique selling points, then it may be difficult to generate the website in the already existing market.

Is the web project generating sales or even profits?

The actual, decisive and most important factor for the evaluation of a website results from all the previous factors. The question is whether the company is already making a profit. If the income is higher than the investment incl. of taxes, this is how profits are made.

What do I have to invest in order to lead or keep the web project on the road to success?

The time required as an investment is secondary, as you can control this yourself as an entrepreneur. Nevertheless: an investment of time should also be relevant for you when evaluating a website. If the current owner generates only small profits and that takes an enormous amount of time for himself, you should consider whether you are too ready for this, or whether you have clear strategies to bring about positive changes.

Can I still increase the sales of the website?

If the website is already generating sales and promising potential for you, you might want to increase these sales and thus your profit over time. If the potential in terms of search engine optimization ( SEO ) and, for example, social media marketing (SMM) has already been exhausted and the other factors have already been served, the question is how scalable these sales are. However, if there are profits and the respective potential of the various factors has not been exhausted, there are opportunities for you to maximize profits sustainably with targeted investments – in terms of time and money.
So that you can get a rough idea of what a web project that meets your personal expectations will cost you, taking these factors into account, you can use ours Price calculator for websites use or simply create your ad directly .



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