For start-ups and start-ups in particular, it is often difficult to raise capital for advertising measures in order to do so traffic to get the page up and running. The crux of the matter is that when people think of advertising, they immediately think of very costly options. There are now many options that also make cheap marketing possible on a tight budget. You are now wondering what these are? In this article we want to give you a few insights into the different variants.

When does cheap marketing make sense?

Regardless of which of the options presented below you ultimately decide, it is important that you only view this as an initial solution. Most of these options are a good way to advertise your company on a small scale, especially for the initial phase. In the long run, however, you should opt for traditional advertising measures after the first successful months, which can offer your website a longer-term and significantly better success. If you want to find out more about the possibilities of how you can generate traffic on your site, then read our other article about it.

5 ways to get cheap marketing

Basically, every web project stands or falls with the right business idea and a sophisticated plan. If your business does not meet the requirements and expectations of your potential customers or you have not thought out the implementation sufficiently, neither cheap marketing nor more cost-intensive advertising measures will bring you success. So, first of all, you should take enough time to work out these two crucial factors before you start thinking about advertising.


A blog and cheap marketing can be related to good articles SEO and implement a high Google ranking for free. The only thing you have to invest in this is your time. Because if you write informative and SEO-oriented articles, you can appear on the first result pages of Google search queries from potential customers. The possibility of being found by new customers increases significantly, of course.

But if you still want to take some money into your hand, you can also think about buying advertising banners from successful bloggers so that their readership can be made aware of your website. It is important that you know your target group exactly and that you pick out those blogs that are directly related to your product or service. This is the only way to ensure that the right customers see your advertising and that your cheap marketing leads to success.

guerilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is the epitome of low-cost advertising. Because this is about getting noticed with as little expenditure as possible, but a lot of creativity and pulling customers under your own spell. Unusual ideas that stay in your head are worth their weight in gold here. A well-known example of guerrilla marketing is the Procter & Gamble campaign in which drones were used in a shopping mall to encourage customers to take part in a free detergent test.


Networking is always a good idea, especially when it comes to cheap marketing. You can often make good friendships, which can also be helpful in generating new customers. Networking partners can, for example, refer customers to you who they cannot serve themselves. Or you can cooperate with other blogs and websites and you can support each other with marketing.

Regular customers

Nowadays, the absolute focus is often on winning new customers. But if you want to concentrate on cheap marketing, then it is almost essential to take care of your regular customers in particular. If they were satisfied with your work so far, it is usually pretty easy to generate follow-up orders here. In this context, you can, for example, build yourself a newsletter in which you regularly keep these existing customers up to date and remind them of your service or product.

Social media

Social media platforms have become a popular way to advertise inexpensively. Portals such as Facebook have a wide reach and at the same time offer the possibility to start individually tailored advertising campaigns with just a few expenses.


Of course there are many other ways to do cheap marketing. For example, you can find many other alternatives to advertise your company through word of mouth, recommendations from existing customers, upsell and, above all, a lot of creativity. It can also be helpful to try to keep the current costs of your web project low so that you can invest more of your budget in advertising. So you should think about how you can save in the right places. Massive austerity measures are not always helpful, but on the other hand, expensive does not always necessarily mean better. With our tips on 5 different possibilities for cheap marketing, you have definitely been able to get a little insight into how you can get started with a tight investment framework.

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