It sounds too good to be true: investing work once and then collecting money regularly without having to do anything else. The concept of “passive income” makes exactly that possible! You can find useful tips and ideas for building extra income online here.

What does passive income actually mean?

If you had to describe passive income in one sentence, then the following would probably apply best: Passive income is money that is earned almost in a no-brainer mode. In other words, you usually don’t have to do anything else for your income from a certain point in time.

However, that is only half the story and only half the battle. Of course, it is not entirely without commitment here either. Because generating passive income also includes work and sometimes not a little of it. But unlike a normal job, you usually have to be active in advance. Usually this is also associated with a rather low income at the beginning, which, however, multiplies later with much less or no workload.

For example, like when you are writing a book. At the beginning you have to get started and write, write, write. Maybe you can get a small salary from a publisher or your income is zero for the time being. As soon as the book is ready and on the market, it will be bought. In this way, you will now achieve a profit that is many times that of your initial income without investing any further work. In the best case scenario, your book will be so successful that it will continue to generate profits for you for many years to come.

Passive Income Ideas

From the large selection of earning opportunities for passive income, we have summarized the most widespread ones for you.

Write e-book

At the Create an eBook it is of course similar to our example of the classic book. What differs with eBooks, however, is that they are usually much shorter. EBooks are also often characterized by their character as advisors. So, unlike a novel, you need less creativity and more professional background. If you have the know-how on a certain subject area, you can write such a guide and then offer it for a fee-based download.

Partnership with online shop

Another possibility for passive income is a cooperation with an online shop, whereby you yourself operate a so-called fake shop. This means that you offer goods on your side, but only the goods that your partner company sells. Furthermore, you do not sell the products yourself. If a customer is interested in buying a product, you will be redirected to the actual shop via a corresponding link. As you can see here, you first have to make all the preparations, set up such a fake shop and find cooperation partners. You then don’t need to do anything else, but you will receive a commission for every product sold through you.

Create niche site

You earn passive income over Niche sites by placing advertisements on behalf of third parties. The idea is to include your site at the top of the Google rankings. So your page will be displayed first when searching with. This allows you to generate a high level of traffic on your site. Once you’ve done that, your site will be an attractive opportunity for third parties to advertise themselves on your platform. Of course you take a certain amount of fee for banners and other advertisements. In this way, your income is earned almost all by itself.

Develop app

It is also very exciting own app to develop. If you have the necessary expertise and an innovative idea, this can be a good opportunity to generate passive income. After completion of the app, you can either provide it as a paid download or you can earn money by placing advertisements within it.


But investments can also provide a basis for passive income. For example, if you invest in stocks, they can bring you a lot of money after a certain amount of time and if things go well. Note, however, that it is all the more important to know your way around in order not to lose money indiscriminately. Buying stocks also means that you first have to invest a certain amount of money, but you can never be sure of getting this or more back.

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