You want to buy a web project but currently don’t have any equity for it. A lack of start-up capital is still one of the main reasons for failure. It is all the more important to know about alternative financing options. You have just found a great web project and now you want to buy it. We will first show you whether it is worth buying your chosen web project at all and then show you how you can afford this financing.

Buy a web project – is it worth it?

We at Projektify recommend that you take out a loan. However, there are a few things to consider here so that it is worthwhile for you. We have made a calculator for this purpose, which calculates what you can make in terms of profit based on your web project. You should repay the loan up to 10,000, for example, with the web project in a maximum of 2 years so that you can turn your web project into another chapter free of debt.


* Note: This is only a rough estimate and depends on many parameters. So can differ.
** Remember that the calculator is only a rough guide and is not a binding offer.

The calculator shows you not only the income but also the Return of your web project. So that you know whether the investment is worthwhile, we have shown you the return on forms of investment with the same risk as campaigns or action funds (ETF). Your web project should be equal to or above the rate of return.

  • World ETF: 33%
  • Tech ETF: 48%
  • Apple share: 40%
  • Tesla share: 61%

Financing with Projektify partners

We looked for and found a strong partner for the financing. Auxmoney GmbH helps us with the realization of the loans. So you can get money for your web project in a very short time.

Auxmoney GmbH is the largest online marketplace for peer-to-peer loans (P2P loans) in Germany. According to its own information, the platform has already financed over 68,000 loans, with the volume of investor bids being more than 485 million euros. On the platform, private borrowers can receive money from private investors in the form of a loan.

auxmoney - Geld leihen für die Selbständigkeit

The interest that is payable on a loan is based on a developed by auxmoney Credit rating calculates which behavior data, Schufa and creditworthiness information from other external providers are included.

In an exclusive partnership with Projektify, we offer the opportunity to take out loans between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. To do this, simply click on the button and we will redirect you to our exclusive landing page. You save 1.5% with us!

Here is the loan

However, if you need more than 10,000, we have a link for you here! click on the banner and you will come to another landing page. This opens you to applications with the same advantages to apply for higher credit.

Here is the loan

auxmoney - Geld leihen von Mensch zu Mensch


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