While some close the chapter of bankruptcy as failure, others are specifically looking for companies in such crisis situations. But how can you actually find insolvent companies?

Not everyone sees something negative in corporate bankruptcy. Even if most of them are happy not to be affected, others see this as an opportunity to build up an existing company from scratch and give it a new shine. Before this is possible, however, such a company must first be found. In this article you will find out where you can specifically find insolvent companies.

How can you even find out about companies in bankruptcy?

Obtaining information about bankrupt companies is actually relatively easy in practice. According to §9 InsO (Insolvency Ordinance), every bankruptcy and subsequent proceedings must be publicly announced.
Since 2002, publication has to be made centrally and across countries on the Internet.

Where can you find bankrupt companies?

As a rule, you can find all the bundled information about a company bankruptcy in the commercial register or on the insolvency portals of the individual federal states. If, on the other hand, you want to get a comprehensive overview, you can call up all information on newly filed bankruptcies on the website Insolvenzwohlmachungen.de. The German insolvency courts continuously publish current insolvency proceedings there. In this way you can easily find insolvent companies and get more detailed information.

You can get details about the individual bankruptcies using the search function offered on the site. Thanks to a filter option, you can also search for specific companies, e.g. B. search in certain industries. There you can also categorize according to company name, federal state and competent court.

All registered advertisements are also updated several times a day, so that you always stay up to date.

But even if you don’t just want to find insolvent companies, but are also looking for further information, you can find it here.

How can you benefit from a corporate bankruptcy?

Even if the topic of bankruptcy is usually only brought up in negative contexts, bankruptcy can also offer you new opportunities. Such companies are usually offered at auctions for a comparatively low price. Especially if you dream of investing in your own company but cannot spend a lot of money, there are many opportunities here. The companies on offer usually have all the necessary inventory and sometimes also buildings, land or a vehicle fleet. So you can use your chance to put your own stamp on an existing company if you want to face the challenge.

Find insolvent companies with Projektify

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However, if you have owned your own company for a long time and now want to sell it for a profit, then it’s this way to create a free advertisement .

But even if you just need more information about bankruptcy, you can here learn more.


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