Currently, almost 150,000 companies are officially looking for a successor through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The statistics show that there is a great need for company succession. But how do you find such a successor and what exactly should he be able to do, and above all: Who actually buys such a company when the question is: company successor wanted?

Company successor wanted – what should he / she be able to do?

The successor’s competence results from his or her personality, technical, methodological and social competence. Here you should write down exactly which characteristics have made your company and you so successful. In the case of smaller companies in particular, it is often of great importance that an entrepreneur is a specialist in the sector.

There is also methodological competence. On the other hand, this includes in particular the ability to use various aids to solve problems. There is also social competence as another typical requirement for a successor is the ability to deal with people. Especially if this is part of the succession process, if the successor tries to maintain or modify the relationship system inside and outside the company.

Company successor wanted – who should do it?

Buyers are typically divided into 3 categories:

The curious are typically people who want to start their own business and have little or no IT experience. So it is a good idea to buy a cheap small project.

Specialists are often looking for a specific project to implement their skills such as selling online goods or furniture.

Web entrepreneur are people who already have an existing business and want to buy a horizontal or vertical extension such as a blog or a chair online shop next to a bed.

But why are so many companies currently looking for a successor? What are the reasons why it doesn’t work? Starting chapters are often missing or criteria such as the high bureaucratic effort and lack of knowledge are cited as obstacles. All of these problems can be solved by Projektify’s digitally supported sales process, and buying up a smaller company instead of a big one could counteract the missing starting chapter.

Looking for a company successor – how do I proceed?

It is important that you pay attention to the margin, help and expertise of the portal you are using during the sales process.

The service from des Projektify eV is completely free and thus offers every user the opportunity to buy or sell a web project.

Projektify offers numerous through blog articles help and support in the process, which supports you in every step. There are often helpful tools such as a Price calculator .

Projektify itself has 2 founders who have already successfully sold several web projects and have also expanded in France. This means that Projektify can also use a high expertise support the founder.

Have a look at Projektify eV!

If you are also considering selling a web project or start-up, then definitely read our additional information Tips on how to sell a business you can go through or try it out and look at our advertisements or post your web project with us for free ! As a non-profit association they are completely free.

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