Extension and optimization of content pages and affiliate projects

You have bought a web project, you have all the data you need and now you really want to get started, expand your potential and sales and optimize your website after the purchase. You have certainly thought about your plans for the project in advance – but so that you can get a few more pointers, we will give you a few tips in this post. Depending on what your web project is about, you should try to expand the existing areas.

If your web project is based on content, i.e. informative content, you will generate your sales primarily with monetization through Google Adsense or various affiliate advertising banners and deep links. In order to achieve the highest possible income here, you have to keep the traffic constant and ideally expand it. This is the only way you can motivate enough people to click on existing advertisements or to use offers from affiliate partners. So you have to:

  • Expand content in the form of SEO contributions, such as blog articles or other contributions
    • A good editor and SEO copywriter can help you a lot here
  • Check the existing content and, if necessary, improve it with regard to SEO
    • An SEO professional or copywriter who shows you optimization possibilities and implements them is worth gold here. Good SEO tools also offer you an opportunity to analyze the status quo and identify need for optimization
  • Generate additional affiliate partner programs via affiliate platforms
    • Research interesting partner programs that are relevant to your target group

So that you don’t have to familiarize yourself with every important topic and your time investment remains manageable, there are a number of experts who will help you to keep a professional web project running or even to bring it to the top. So you can concentrate on the administration and management of your newly acquired web project. If you want, just contact an expert from our Projektify network.

Expansion and optimization of online shops

In online shops, the answer to the question about expansion is obvious: More products! The more products your online shop counts, the more visitors you can get. Of course, the following also applies here: Pay attention to SEO! You can only generate enough sales if your categories and products are also listed in Google in the upper ranks. SEO tools, experienced SEO copywriters and experts can also help you here. In addition, you have the option of monetizing your online shop beyond the actual product with advertisements and affiliate programs.

Projektify has strong partners

Just take a look at ours here Freelancer portal or ours Concierge Service, which introduces you to our freelancers, over. Here we recommend strong partners. Many of them even wear that Projektify seal . This shows freelancers or tools tested by us. Take a look directly and expand your website with your ideas!



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