Just about anyone can create a blog and put a few words together to make a text. But if you want to set up such a web project successfully, you should do one thing above all: blogging properly. And that means first and foremost avoiding typical beginner mistakes.

There are a lot of things that you can do right as a blogger, but also countless things that you can do wrong, because blogging properly has to be learned first. So that you can start your project successfully right from the start, we have put together a number of frequently made mistakes that you should absolutely avoid!

Blogging correctly: 4 common mistakes

No master has fallen from the sky and by the time your blog starts to show its first successes, you may have to have made some of the following mistakes yourself in order to understand the structure of a good blog at all. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn from your mistakes. After all, as an online author you want one thing above all: blogging properly!

No goal formulation

If you want to blog properly, then you should first of all be very clear about your goal. This is the only way you can effectively write texts and develop content that will get you further. So if you want to make a lot of money with your blog through advertising income, for example, then you should coordinate the topics and structure of your blog, especially your articles, in such a way that you make yourself interesting for companies. For example, you also have an industry that does a lot of advertising via blogs and try to develop a lot of content suitable for this area.

However, if you’re just running your blog for fun, your goal may just be to keep growing your community. You can do this mainly by writing texts and addressing topics that are currently of great interest to your readers. If you’re not sure what to write about, you can also communicate with your blog followers and ask them directly what they want.

Unknown target group

Once you have set yourself a goal, however, it is of very little use if you do not focus on your target group afterwards. Even if you report on exciting topics, if you don’t study your readership carefully, you may write texts that are of little interest to this target group.

So when it comes to less serious topics, your community wants to read a casual report accordingly. So here you can be a little colloquial or make a joke. However, if you write about political topics, for example, you should stay factual and informative.

No search engine optimization

However, blogging properly also means designing your own texts in such a way that their readers can find them quickly and easily on Google searches. For this, your articles must appear as high as possible in the Google ranking. How do you do that? By using keywords in your texts that are frequently googled, for example the keyword of this text “blogging properly”. If a reader enters this into the search ad, the probability that they will come across your article is much higher than if you are not doing search engine optimization.

Wrong hosting provider

Ultimately, however, the choice of hosting provider also has a significant influence. If you use explicit blogger platforms, your competition is of course much greater here than with other providers. On the other hand, you may have a better frame for your blog and better opportunities as a beginner to get a good project off the ground. You should assess for yourself what is more important to you and what suits your goals better. You can also become successful as a niche blog with special blog providers. On the other hand, bloggers have also developed good projects without using such portals.


You also see a blog has special requirements for its operator. Correct blogging goes one step further and requires a high level of commitment and precision. So behind good blogs there are usually even better authors.

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