Have you built a successful dropshipping shop and now want to turn it into cash? We will show you which aspects you have to pay attention to!

Sales advantages of a dropshipping online shop

When selling one Dropshipping Online shops offer you a significant advantage over conventional online shops: You don’t have any stocks, because with the dropshipping model, the goods on offer are purchased directly from the manufacturer and delivered to the customer. Accordingly, it is worthwhile to turn a successful dropshipping online shop into money. You should pay attention to three main points: an informative and appealing sales advertisement, the correct pricing and a final sales contract. We will show you step by step what is important!

You can find a detailed explanation of the dropshipping concept in our lexicon .

What to look for in your ad

When you advertise your ad, you should consider the essential aspects that make buying your dropshipping shop attractive. Inform the potential buyer about your monthly success rate, SEO metrics of the website and the future potential of the online shop.

Make it clear that this is a dropshipping online shop, which means that there are no storage costs for the buyer. This is a particularly good opportunity for newcomers to the online shop to get started in the online business. But this type of online shop can also be attractive for those who are experienced with online shops, for example if your shop serves a successful niche.

Find the right selling price

When it comes to pricing, there is of course the difficulty of finding a price that is reasonable for both you and the potential buyer. Certain factors play a role in pricing, such as SEO key figures and the current market situation in which your online shop is set up. In our post “How can I determine my website value?” we explain exactly what you have to pay attention to. Have a look too our checklist on the subject of pricing.

Draw up a sales contract

Now that you have found a buyer, it is time to conclude the contract. In an online shop, this sale is extremely easy. It is usually sufficient to issue a simple sales contract or an invoice. We have some for you Model contracts that should make it easier for you to sell your dropshipping online shop.

Sell your dropshipping online shop on Projektify

Projektify is an association and offers a marketplace for the free purchase and sale of finished web projects. If you are looking for some, you can go straight to our ads look or just place your ad for free . Here you can advertise your online shop directly and establish contact with potential customers.

In addition, on Projektify you have the opportunity to be professionally supported by one of our partners when selling your web project. Use our service right away “ Web project sales advice “.

Check out ours too more tips how to sell or read your web project successfully Testimonials to buy web projects.


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