You are a sole proprietor and after much deliberation you decided to sell your company. We do not want to go into the reasons, which can be of different nature, at this point – rather we want to help you with this article, the Company sale to be handled easily and smoothly.

Special case of sole proprietorship

Unlike a company – for example the popular limited liability company (GmbH) – a sole proprietorship is not legal person . A sole proprietorship is all about a natural person, namely the entrepreneur himself.

In contrast to a corporate form, no other partner can participate in a sole proprietorship through a partnership agreement. In this respect, as a sole trader, you cannot sell your shares in the company, but only the so-called Economic goods.

Asset deal: In the case of sole proprietorships, only assets are sold

For example, are you a website operator and owner several linked domains, as a sole proprietorship you sell the economic asset in the form of the website and the associated domains. If you run an online shop and also have your own warehouse, you can also sell the warehouse as a property or overwrite the lease. Such a sale of the economic goods is also known as Asset deal . When selling a sole proprietorship, it is important to look carefully at what exactly is to be sold.

Tip: If you want to give up your business activity after the sale, you have to Business de-registration Submit it to the responsible regulatory office and inform the tax office informally about the business closure.

Find buyers for sole proprietorship

In order for you to be able to sell the assets of your sole proprietorship (regardless of the industry), you of course first need a prospective buyer. Potential Buyers can be found at Projektify, for example. With a free ad On our platform, you can reach numerous interested parties who can contact you directly. There are also no costs for you to sell – we just provide the platform.

Once you’ve found a buyer, you should get your sole proprietorship sale under a suitable contract. If you are a website operator, our contract template for the sale of a website or domain will help you. If numerous other assets belong to your sole proprietorship, you’d rather have a look at the one Model contract for the sale of a sole proprietorship at.

If you’re already getting a headache from keeping everything in mind, why not use ours Service of advice for the sale of a company. Here you get help from a real expert and you don’t have to worry anymore.

Note: In the case of very large individual companies, the model contracts do not replace consultation with a specialist lawyer and / or notary.


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