For every successful startup there is a significantly higher number of projects that – mostly quietly and clandestinely – disappear again. In addition to great opportunities, starting a company also harbors risks. The biggest risk one independence is a final failure, in other words: bankruptcy. Buying an insolvent company or essential parts of it is often an interesting alternative to starting a new business. We have already discussed the chances of such an insolvency in the article: Startup bankruptcy as an opportunity use discussed. Now we would like to show you how you can build it up again after buying an insolvent startup or online shop.

Reasons for bankruptcy

The most common reason why Startups failure is lack of demand. The idea may be a good one, but somehow nobody wants to buy it or pay for it. A good example are content management systems ( WordPress , Joomla, etc.). Due to the good availability of open source, nobody is willing to pay for such a system. Software or advice for WordPress, for example, offer potential here. So says David Sloan on a Fuck Up Night:

“Startups fail when they solve a problem that doesn’t exist on the market. The problem we solved wasn’t big enough to be addressed with a scalable solution. “

Buy insolvent startup or online shop

Device on Startup or Online shop in times of crisis, the path to bankruptcy can often no longer be avoided. Do you then sense the chance to position yourself more strongly in the market through clever company acquisitions? In addition to many legal matters, there are still a few things to consider. However, since I do not want to give myself legal advice, I would only like to go into the subjective criteria of buying a startup or online shop.

It’s actually quite simple: You see an online shop or startup and think to yourself: This idea is great! Only this and that would have to be done differently. Does the startup invest a lot in paid advertising, for example, and you think that content marketing can make the decisive breakthrough here? Then you should buy the startup! In summary, the following applies: You see something and you immediately notice: They have to do it differently! As a founder, you often don’t see the “forest for the trees”.

Rebuild insolvent startup or online shop

Now, after the purchase, the company has to be restructured and the business model turned around decisively. First you should eliminate the negative effects of bankruptcy and introduce yourself as the new managing director with fresh ideas and new motivation. Then you should turn the business model and restore solvency. The restructuring takes place on 3 levels: financial (liquidity), organizational (organization and personnel) as well as the portfolio (e.g. business model becomes digital instead of analog).

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