In the area of search engine optimization, one topic is particularly popular: Social media for SEO or briefly Social SEO called. More and more studies in this area show a clear connection between social signals and the SEO success of a website. The main thing is to use likes, comments, shares and retweets to expand your reach via social media channels and thus indirectly influence the Google ranking of your own website.

5 Social Media Tips & Tricks for SEO

For this reason, in this article we want to give you some tips and tricks on how you can optimally use social media for SEO for your own success.

1. Tip: Brand building via social media

As a real expert in a field, it is not always easy to convey your own knowledge and the high quality of competence to the outside world enough in the online world to be successful on the Internet. Because if you create your own website, you mostly have to struggle to generate enough traffic and even then, it is not always easy to convince yourself of your own abilities with just words or median such as photos and videos. While in the real world new customers are often acquired through recommendations and word of mouth, this is much more difficult to implement online. But this is exactly where social media can be used for SEO. Because thanks to the abundance of social media platforms, you can easily find a marketplace where you can not only meet a large part of your online target group, but at the same time your customers can also significantly increase your online reach using social signals. This will allow you to rank better on Google search queries and thus increase the traffic on your site.

2. Tip: Rank on Google with social media profiles

When a customer types a term into the display field of a search engine such as Google, the result is usually only website. But a social media profile can also be delivered as a result, which is why it can be worthwhile for you to invest in your social media profiles with good content. So you can strengthen your website through social signals.

3. Tip: Generate links with social signals

With social signals you can also improve the ranking of your website through links in the social networks. Because if other users share and distribute the links you have posted on their profiles, this automatically improves the findability of your website and at the same time you can promote the link building of your site.

4th tip: Social media portals as an independent search engine

It is no longer just Google, Yahoo or Bing that are used as classic search engines. In the meantime, portals such as Facebook also offer the option of a search function. Integrated searches for hashtags, profiles or products are currently receiving a huge amount of attention. For example, S earch FYI More than 1.5 billion clicks and over 2 trillion new posts every day.

Tip 5: Recognize the importance of Google+

Last but not least, we would like to recommend the importance of Google+ to you. Because of the close connection to the parent company Google, posts on Google+ appear much more frequently and with better ranking in the results display of the search field. Placed ones are especially worthwhile Google+ pages , as these are presented very presently and are usually provided with a map section and contact details. In this way, they can hardly be overlooked by users, which of course can enormously increase your click rate.


Experts in many places agree that the importance of social signals and social media for SEO will continue to increase in the future, which is why it is worth investing time and effort in this new trend now, because the necessary basis for this cannot be created overnight , but only build it up with a certain lead time. Above all, because the natural backlink structure has become a lot more important for long-term success since the Penguin Update, one can deduce with a clear conscience that social links will probably also experience an upswing.

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