The year is slowly coming to an end and Christmas is approaching with great strides. In addition to all the pre-Christmas stress that arises, you should also adapt your web project to this particular season of the year. Because even things less related to the holidays, such as your SEO strategy, can actually be made suitable for Christmas. How? – We would now like to introduce you to 5 helpful tips for this.

5 tips for a Christmas-ready SEO strategy

Whenever Christmas is just around the corner, the great search for the right gifts begins. Online retail in particular is booming here and the search engines are running hot in the run-up to Christmas. A good reason to optimize the SEO strategy of your own website so that you too can benefit from the Christmas business.

Tip 1: Research the strongest keywords

Especially at Christmas time, the bandwidth and volume of keywords change enormously again, which is why you should integrate as many of the strong and relevant keywords as possible on your website for good rankings. In this way you can bring your SEO strategy to a successful level, because this way you not only find out where there is still room for improvement, but you can also specifically place the most searched keywords on category pages.

Tip 2: expand internal links

Our next tip regarding your SEO strategy relates to internal linking. Especially at Christmas time, people spend even more time online looking for gifts or other Christmas-related keywords. If you come across your site in the process, you should definitely make sure that targeted internal links also give reasons to stay there and, in the best case, to buy from you. In addition, you should also update your URLS and anchor texts as well as optimize your page navigation in order to create a holistic picture.

Tip 3: create content for backlinks

In order for enough people to find your website during the Christmas season, an SEO strategy suitable for Christmas must of course also be equipped with the right content for your backlinks. For this you should either orientate yourself on the currently current and relevant keywords or, for example, prepare interesting content such as studies or facts about Christmas. Of course, it should always be related to your website and your business. This not only looks authentic, but can also enormously increase the volume of your target group.

Tip 4: revive accounts on social media

Social media has long been an important milestone when it comes to a successful SEO strategy. But of course this effect increases enormously around Christmas time. This is precisely why you should be particularly active on Facebook, Instagram and Co over the next few weeks and keep your followers up to date with regular posts and interesting content. This will significantly increase your chances of being stored in the back of the minds of potential buyers at the right time, so that they may head straight to your website when they are looking for the perfect Christmas present. At the same time, of course, social media also offers an optimal basis for constantly expanding your own target group and increasing the traffic on your own website.

Tip 5: stay close to the customer

Last but not least, you should of course always keep the customer in focus. It is certainly helpful and also makes business sense to adapt the SEO strategy to the Christmas season, but you should consider all measures from the customer’s point of view. Advertising mail that is too intrusive, articles that are too long, content with no deeper background or half-heartedness such as faulty backlinks are annoying and time-consuming in the complex and difficult search for gifts. So if you do not have the opportunity to optimize your SEO strategy in all areas, you should clearly prioritize how you can best attract customers to your side and start exactly at this point.

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