When entrepreneurs decide to sell their own company, the question of how and where usually arises very quickly. Often there is a lot of time, energy and vigor in the shops, so that these should not be sold in dubious ways at low prices. In order to give up your own company with a clear conscience, it is therefore important to find the right opportunity to find a suitable sales value and passionate buyer.

Company sell on your own

One of the possibilities is to take the issue of selling a company into your own hands.
The first step here is to make it clear to you what you want from a sale. Do you want to give up your company in full or in percentage terms? Maybe you are only planning one successor or to find co-owners? No matter which type you choose, it is important to create a suitable advertisement. You should Calculate goodwill and have some important business data at hand. Based on this information, you can create an attractive synopsis. The hardest part of this opportunity is certainly finding the right prospective buyers. Instead of writing lots of ads or making unstructured phone calls, you should make a plan. Think of a group of prospects who may be interested in buying your company. You can then categorize the members of the group according to relevance and purchase probability. Only then should you really pick up the phone or the keyboard. In this way, you not only save energy, but also valuable time.

Sell a company with the help of a brokerage platform

Many entrepreneurs who want to sell their business rely on the help of brokers. They often do most of the paperwork and develop an exposé themselves based on the transmitted data. Such advertisements are usually more professional than if the seller created them himself. Furthermore, he can benefit from the experience of the broker. This often knows exactly how and where to bring the advertisement to the appropriate target group. So if you as an entrepreneur have the change to hire a reputable broker, they can be of great help.

Sell company through company portals

Another possibility is to advertise the company on special company sales portals. In addition to some paid websites, there are also some where you can offer your company completely free of charge. These portals help you to create an exposé step by step. Often you will also receive information on how you can determine the company’s value, for example. With the help of such a modular system, you can easily develop a professional advertisement that appeals to serious buyers. Another advantage of such portals is that many entrepreneurs cavort on one website. The chance that your project will be bought is significantly increased. Buyers have one point of contact to acquire exciting companies. On the other hand, one or the other seller may also be interested in taking over yours after their own project has been sold.


Which path you ultimately choose is entirely up to you. Each of the three options presented has advantages and disadvantages. However, it is important that you choose the method that you think best suits you and your company. While you benefit from full control with independent sales, you have more additional work here in contrast to brokerage. However, brokers and some portals for the sale of companies are associated with fees that you may not want to pay. If you do not want to forego professional help, but should not incur any further costs, you can tackle the Selling Company project with the help of some free portals.

Sell company on Projektify

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