Do you work in the field of e-commerce and have not yet found what you are looking for the right shop system? In this article we introduce you to WordPress with WooCommerce. So that you can ultimately decide whether this software is the right one for your online shop, we will clarify not only the most important facts but also the decisive advantages and disadvantages.

What do I need a shop system for?

Shop systems always come into play when it comes to setting up online shops. In order for these to function properly, web shop operators need the right software in addition to the necessary specialist knowledge. Shop systems regulate the entire process within an online shop. From the presentation to the purchase to the payment of the products. All functions can be controlled from the back-end and displayed appropriately in the front-end. Due to the increasing pressure of competition in the e-commerce business, suitable software has become almost indispensable. But since the market is now teeming with shop systems, it is important to filter out the right one from the countless offers.

WordPress with WooCommerce – you need to know that

Strictly speaking, WordPress with WooCommerce is not a separate shop system at all. Rather, WooCommerce is an extended feature of the CMS WordPress . Therefore, it is especially useful for users of this Content Management Systems extremely popular.
Small online retailers in particular can easily build on WooCommerce thanks to its easy handling and as an extension of the well-known WordPress. However, the original version of the software is only designed for the American market and is not approved for countries such as Germany. If you don’t want to receive a warning here, you should use the specially developed plug-in WooCommerce Germanized.


In addition to the fact that WooCommerce, thanks to its connection to WordPress, has a suitable content management system, it also offers a few other advantages. Not only is the possibility of software optimization in this shop system better designed, but also the number of different layouts and templates is represented in a considerable amount and can even be transferred from WordPress. Although the shop system is rather sparsely equipped with around 320 extensions in contrast to shop system giants such as Magento or Shopware, users benefit from the most important features of such software, which are usually available here free of charge. In addition, the developers are continuously working on improvements to new expansion options. WooCommerce is available as an open source solution for free download and can be easily installed with two clicks, rounds off the shop system package.


Unfortunately, the version available for the German market is less well developed compared to the standard US version. There are still some major loopholes here that the manufacturer has not yet closed. For example, the article overview becomes confusing when there is a certain number of products. The creation of attributes is also rather difficult for the inexperienced. Therefore, the software is also more suitable for smaller shops whose focus is more on the area of the CMS WordPress.

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