Anyone who wants to create their own website rarely suffers from a lack of ideas. Much more often, implementation is the real crux of the matter. At this point, the question of which program should be used often arises quickly. Many users fall back on the WordPress software, one of the best known. Therefore, this article is about what the WordPress software is exactly and how this tool can help you.

What is the WordPress software?

As already mentioned, WordPress is a program for creating websites in the browser. Since WordPress can now also fulfill almost all important administrative requirements and functions of a website, it is often also called Content management system (CMS). The WordPress software is roughly divided into two areas: front-end and back-end. The front end describes the view and the functions that are presented to a visitor to the website, while the back end is only visible to the operator. This is where the entire administration, as well as the design and content work, take place behind the scenes, so to speak. Since WordPress is free, web-based software, its penetration, popularity and popularity are correspondingly high.

Advantages of WordPress

As an open source solution, the WordPress software is freely accessible and downloadable for everyone, which makes it particularly attractive for beginners as well as inexperienced but also budget-bound users. WordPress is also characterized by its ease of use of the individual tools and the individuality of its diverse design options. It also has the option of plug-ins for search engine optimization. If you use the WordPress software correctly, you have a good chance of getting it Google rankings and get involved in the web successfully. Being up-to-date and having a large community are just two of the many other advantages of the software in addition to mobile and flexible access.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Nevertheless, WordPress is not the ultimate solution either.
Conversely, the great popularity of the software also leads to a higher hacking rate and probability. Thanks to the large community, gaps in the security system are usually quickly identified and closed. But even if the WordPress software is particularly suitable for starters, a large number of plug-ins can make the software much more complex and confusing and theoretically also lead to unplanned interactions, the elimination of which can be problematic.


Ultimately, the disadvantages shown are more general problems of CM systems and can therefore not be attributed to WordPress alone, so that the advantages of the software clearly outweigh the advantages. So if you use WordPress correctly and implement it, you can build your web project on a stable foundation.

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