Importance of blogs for websites

You have probably already noticed that most websites, regardless of the area, have their own Blog to have. We at Projektify too, of course – you’re reading this one right now. And of course the whole “blogging” doesn’t happen completely without reason. In the following we would like to show you a few reasons why the use of a Blog on your website is so important.

Content is king

Traffic is important to your website. If your website isn’t getting visitors, you can’t sell products or make money from affiliate marketing. That’s why many website owners write a blog. This has two key advantages.

SEO benefits

With a lot of text you can rank for relevant keywords on Google and attract as many visitors to your site. You can also get so-called informative customers with blog articles. Example: What should be considered when buying a TV. Here you will find people who want to find out more and who do not yet have a clear intention to buy. You can convert these to buyers by sending an article.

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Social media advantages

You can also share these articles on social media and thus increase your traffic with the help of advertising campaigns. This is a common tactic to get a constant wave of buyers. You can find out exactly how to do this in our following article.

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Bottom line: a blog helps your website

A blog can help you get relevant advantages in SEO and social media. But there are also indirect advantages, which we would like to introduce to you.

A website blog creates interaction

With a blog on your website, you create the opportunity to interact with your visitors. Above all, this creates high conversion rates in the long term.

With a blog, you are constantly creating new content

Content is King – this is not just an empty phrase, but actually an inescapable fact. The more good The more you create content on the subject area of your website, the higher you will be in the favor of Google and other search engines. With this you create a basis to increase the potential sales with your website. And of course, this results in a higher value if you use yours Sell website want.

With a blog on the website you are always up to date

Since the blog is intended to publish continuous posts, you are usually updated on a daily basis. In this way you can refer to new developments in your industry and of course generate traffic again. In this way you can create your own magazine in the long term, grow in the favor of Google and Co. and sustainably increase the traffic, the conversion rate and Revenue from your website .

Buy or build a blog?

Building a blog is not easy, but with a little hard work you can do it. But if you don’t feel like it and want to start right away, you can buy a blog from Projektify. You can then build on the seller’s previous knowledge and start directly with content and traffic. Take a look at our advertisements! Maybe there is something?

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