Bankruptcy – a bad word for many. However, bankrupt companies buy the epitome of self-actualization for others. You see the challenge of turning a broken business back into a successful company with the right strategy. But is it even possible to lead a company out of a crisis that way? And above all, is it worth it at all?

When does a company go bankrupt?

When a company has to file for bankruptcy depends primarily on its legal form. As a rule, one can speak of an insolvent company if either there is a threat of insolvency or if this has already occurred. In the case of a corporation, such as a GmbH, one speaks of insolvency according to the InsO (Insolvency Ordinance) if the company is overindebted.

Then there are different procedures how to proceed with a bankruptcy. One way of doing this is to sell the insolvent company cheaply to interested parties instead of restructuring it yourself.

How high is the probability of being able to successfully lead a company out of a crisis?

How good the chances are of putting a company back on a solid foundation cannot be said in general terms. Just as every industry has its own rules of the game, every company goes its own way out of bankruptcy. It is only too gladly said that there are many roads leading to Rome. In the event of bankruptcy, however, you can quickly end up in a dead end without a good business plan. Because a good strategy and fixed financing options are the be-all and end-all of a company restructuring.

Too often buyers get bogged down because they were blinded by the cheap offer. You only think about the right strategy afterwards. A fatal mistake, especially with insolvent companies, which usually pay off a high investment sum for restructuring measures in a short period of time.

But there is also the other side of the buyer. Namely those who are passionate about repairing a broken business. They are also mostly the ones whose success stories we read in the press. Statistically speaking, these can even be distinguished from their failing colleagues.

According to the ZIS, the center for insolvency and restructuring, most entrepreneurs get out of the crisis if they generate a turnover of at least 5 million euros in the years that follow the crisis. In the field of small and medium-sized companies, it masters every second with an average annual turnover between one and five million euros.

How can I buy bankrupt companies?

The easiest way to find offers for insolvent companies is via sales exchanges. These websites offer buyers and sellers a platform to get to know each other. On many of these portals, both want-to-buy and offers-to-sell can be posted.

Another advantage of such portals is that you will usually only find serious sellers here. Thanks to special advertisements, you have all the important data at a glance and can weigh your decision carefully. Such portals are also ideal for comparing several companies with one another. Especially when it comes to buying insolvent companies, you should inform yourself thoroughly about the projects.

The chance of finding the right project for you on such an exchange is extremely high, as there are many sellers on one site and you can choose from thousands of offers.

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