Even if anonymity often outweighs online, customer dialogue is increasingly becoming a strong pillar of success, especially for online shops. Above all, the importance of conversational marketing is increasingly becoming an important tool in customer care. This article should show you what exactly it is and to what extent conversational marketing is used.

What is conversational marketing?

When shopping online, we repeatedly come across so-called chat windows through which the company itself offers us help, for example in the form of advice. As a customer, you can then decide for yourself whether you would like to take advantage of this free additional offer. Often it is then possible to communicate with a consultant both in text and in bullet point form within the chat. However, it is not always possible to clearly distinguish whether the other end is a real person or just a programmed machine. In the meantime, however, many companies often use both options and are thus banking on a new trend: conversational marketing.

Conversational marketing based on specific goals

Because depending on the type of help required, either one or the other variant can be the right choice for optimal customer service.

Conversational Marketing with Bot

Conversational marketing using a bot makes sense above all when it comes to standard problems, simple questions and assistance for which clear answers can be found and which can be completed quickly. This includes, for example

  • Product availabilities
  • Size management
  • Branch searches
  • Payment options
  • Shipping, delivery times and returns, etc.

Conversational marketing with a real person

Sometimes, however, the customer needs more in-depth advice that cannot be adequately explained with keywords, but requires individual support with personal problem solving. In such cases, companies continue to rely on advisory employees in addition to bots. These help in various areas and through a detailed analysis with your personal expertise. The customer is thus offered more flexibility and security when shopping, which in turn can sustainably strengthen brand loyalty.

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