You are standing in front of your online shop and do not want to sell your own products or expand your current portfolio yet. Dropshipping or affiliate marketing can be worthwhile for this. In the following article we would like to show you when you should use which method and give you recommendations for your project.

When is affiliate marketing suitable?

With Affiliate marketing you advertise a product through a link. So you describe the product but the sales partner such as Amazon sells the product. You will receive a commission of 7%, for example.

The advantage is that you don’t have to set up any logistics and only have to advertise the product. You can set yourself apart by promoting a product better on your website and offering more content than Amazon, for example. You can also offer product comparisons and much more. So you don’t offer any products, you only advertise them, which earns you a commission. We recommend this especially for the beginning, so that you can quickly try out whether your idea can be worthwhile or if you have many different products.

Affiliate is often less worthwhile for classic online shops than for blogs and niche websites. If you have an online shop and already offer goods, then dropshipping can be worthwhile.

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When is dropshipping suitable?

With Dropshipping you can offer products without having them in stock yourself. If a customer orders such a product in the shop, you don’t send it, but the retailer with whom you have a dropshipping contract.

So you don’t have to store products and you can quickly offer a product in your shop. Here the customer is not forwarded as in affiliate marketing but remains in your shop.

In contrast to an affiliate, however, the user buys the goods from you. Which is good on the one hand because it builds trust in you and on the other hand you are responsible that your supplier delivers the package properly. You don’t have this with classic affiliate products. So you have to think carefully about how much risk you want to take. For a typical online shop, dropshipping is often more worthwhile as an affiliate, which is more likely with Niche sites is trendy.

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When are both suitable?

Dropshipping and Affiliate are quite different and cannot be combined like Adsense and Affiliate. You should therefore choose a version and, if possible, not mix. We’d rather recommend optimizing a method here. In our opinion, there is no meaningful combination of the two methods.

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