You are active as a freelancer in the online area and therefore work project-oriented. As soon as a project is completed, you start directly with the next one or even work for several clients in parallel.

That would of course be the ideal case, but it does not always prevail. Rather, as a freelancer, one often has the problem of generating new orders promptly. Even if you have good references and a well-stocked portfolio. Such phases without orders can ultimately lead to economic bottlenecks, which as a freelancer you naturally want to avoid.

Projektify brings service providers and clients together

Projektify would like to intervene at this point and offer a platform on which clients and freelancers can come together. Clients advertise current projects and, ideally, are looking for you!

Meanwhile, more and more companies are relying on the integration of freelancers in current and upcoming projects. Freelancers are irreplaceable, especially in the IT sector, in order to implement short-term or long-term projects. Also when looking for services in the field marketing , Content creation and SEO For the most part, entrepreneurs rely on experienced freelancers. The reasons for this are not only the savings in ongoing wage costs and social security contributions, but also the comprehensive competence and expertise that you have as a freelancer through working with various clients. Posting projects for freelancers on project exchanges is therefore now an established procedure from which you can benefit. So it is not just the enormous shortage of skilled workers that gives you, as a freelancer, the opportunity to position yourself sustainably and to carry out long-term follow-up orders with companies beyond one-off projects.

Direct line between freelancer and client

The Projektify project exchange offers you as a freelancer several advantages: On the one hand, you negotiate directly with the client – Projektify only provides the platform for this. On the other hand, the whole thing is completely free for you. In addition, data protection is very important at Projektify.

As a freelancer, you can find the right project in the project exchange:

A client is looking for freelancers for an ongoing or upcoming project. The latter then creates a search in the Projektify project exchange. Through the detailed description of the requirements and the budget, you can decide directly whether you want to apply for the project or not.

Just take a look what’s going on right now exciting projects for freelancers are advertised and Sign up for free .



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