Hardly anything is as well guarded as the secret behind the Google algorithm. Again and again there is thought and there are always new assumptions and ideas on how to improve your own ranking on Google with the help of good search engine optimization. A new trend are the so-called Social signals . In this article we would like to clarify what it is and how the use of social signals affects SEO success.

What are social signals anyway?

Social relationships, interaction and emotions within social networks are referred to in the online world as “ Social signals “, Which can be translated synonymously with” social signals “in German. If you take a closer look at social signals, then, in addition to likes and comments, sharing or saving posts is clearly part of it. The better, i.e. the more positive these signals are with regard to your website, the better the quality of your site will usually be rated. And since a lot of the internet is often related to each other in a certain way and somehow, more and more experts see a connection between social signals and SEO.

What influence do social signals have on SEO success?

However, it quickly becomes clear that even the big Google cannot track and evaluate all feedback about a page, which is why not every comment or sharing immediately affects the ranking success of your page. Nevertheless, it is precisely these social signals that help you to convey your content and of course its quality to the outside world. And the more positive feedback you get by distributing your articles, posts and co, the more often you will of course appear on the net and that in turn can have promising effects on your ranking success on Google.

How can you use social signals successfully?

As a recommendation, social signals are a kind of promise of trust that you receive from your users and with which other visitors can also be convinced of you and your website. They also help you to improve brand awareness and control branding. In addition, you can actively influence your Google ranking with the help of backlinks to private blogs or posts.

But of course there are also limits here. Because for social signals to have a real impact on your search engine optimization, you really have to have a high social reach and of course you have to offer consistently good content so that you can maintain the effect of these signals over the long term.

But especially in connection with a sophisticated content and marketing strategy, social signals can form a good basis for further ranking measures, such as setting up a newsletter distribution list. In particular, social signals on Google+ are very promising, as they are of course most closely and most closely related to the Google algorithm.

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