They are springing up like mushrooms: blogs are more popular than ever. If you want to quickly and easily share your knowledge, your own interests, your experiences or even just your everyday life with others, you can easily make this a reality with your own blog. For many, the desire to develop the hobby pastime into a serious source of income arises relatively quickly. But is it even worth having your own blog? And how much money can you actually earn with it?

For whom a blog is worthwhile

Your own blog is the right decision if you primarily enjoy writing. The development of creative content should be geared towards your interests and your knowledge. Having your own blog only makes sense if you have something suitable to say. Your blog only has potential for success if you know enough about its subject areas and can reflect your passion or your individual nature in your texts.

That is the personal side of the coin. Now when we look at the business side of things, having your own blog makes sense in many ways. Your own website is primarily a platform on which you can generate traffic. Not only is this good for getting a lot of people to read your texts, but you can also make money from it. If you generate a lot of traffic with your blog and thus constantly win new customers, you can do this, for example, for Affiliate or Adsense Marketing use.

But even if you have one on the side online shop , Dropshipping or the Marketing of your own e-book these parameters are important. In addition, it is important that you retain your customers in the long term with exciting content. In this way you not only achieve higher income in the short term, but can also build a brand for yourself in the long term. This enables you to create new business opportunities and to continuously increase your income.

Earning opportunities with your own blog

So that you can get a more precise picture of what is possible from a revenue point of view with your own blog, we have created the following graphic for you.

As you can see, more than 80 percent of those surveyed earn less than 500 euros a month with their own blog. After all, 13 percent generate between 500 and 2000 euros per month. Only 5 percent achieve income of more than 2000 euros per month and can therefore live from blogging alone.


As you can see, your own blog is only a good substitute for a classic job in a few cases.
Ultimately, earning money with your own blog shouldn’t be the main goal when starting your own website anyway. Rather, you should focus on the fun of writing and the constant development of new content. Not every blog is always successful and the harder you try to push it in precisely this direction, the more your passion and fun fall by the wayside. And you won’t compulsively develop good content.

So start with a relaxed but conceptual approach and see where the path leads you. A blog is a great way to earn money on a part-time basis. Sometimes operators even manage to jump into independence and can make a living from their own blog. But that is more of an exception.

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