If something is currently trending, it is Apps . We have them in abundance on our end devices and use them almost every day. A good basis to switch from the user to the provider side and generate a lucrative income with your own app.

Unfortunately, it is not always enough to simply offer an app for download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. In order to make your product known, some strategic measures have to be taken. You can find out here how exactly you can do your marketing and which tips can be helpful in marketing!

Income with your own marketing app

In order to make your product successful and generate an income with your own app, the marketing has to be right. In the following we explain to you what is particularly important.


When choosing to download new apps, most users use the leaderboards from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, when looking for specific apps, many often use the search bar by entering a suitable term. So that your product is found among the first ads there, it makes sense to use tags for your own app. This has the advantage that your product will be shown in searches as often as possible. To find out which tags you should use particularly often, you can use programs such as Google’s Keyword Tool to help.

Social media

It is not uncommon for some apps to fall into real hype for a while and form large fan bases behind them. In order to bring your app even further forward in moments like this, you can use social media to build up a lot of content around your product. Various measures, such as influencers, blog articles or teasers on app innovations, can be sent there quickly and easily to a large number of people.

Classic advertising media

Sometimes the hype surrounding an app can even reach such proportions that your product appears in the traditional media. This is often very desirable for developers, as the range is much wider and broader. Especially in view of the fact that app hype often results from word of mouth, this form of advertisement is a major milestone in the success story of every app.

The right marketing strategy – tips and tricks

There are also a few tips and tricks for the marketing strategy that can additionally push the success of your app. We have put some of them together for you here.


Once your app is on the market, it must of course also be known. It is often worthwhile to advertise in various online areas. Since displaying advertising banners or short videos on YouTube is very costly, you should think carefully about which investments seem worthwhile to you.

So think about how you can best find the target group for your app and, most importantly, where you can reach them. Your marketing only has potential for success if you use your advertising measures in a targeted manner.


But paying attention to competition should also play an important role in your marketing strategy. Because the area of social media in particular is highly competitive and therefore not easy for beginners and inexperienced people.

If your app is more like a Niche area can be assigned, it often makes sense to address your target group through cooperation with portals. But the use of so-called influencers can also enormously increase the range of your app and its level of awareness in people’s minds.

Download numbers

In the first place, however, the ROI, the return on investment, is also important when marketing apps. You should use this key figure as a guide if you want to know how much sales a specific advertising campaign has brought you. But it also helps you to optimize your marketing strategy on a regular basis.
You get the information you need to calculate the ROI from your expenses and the number of downloads for your app.

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