When it comes to content management systems, the term Joomla is often used.
In this article we want to give you a brief insight into the subject of Joomla, so that you can decide for yourself whether the program suits you and your requirements.

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What is Joomla

Joomla is one of the most famous and biggest CMS in the market when it comes to the Building websites goes. With its numerous expansion options, web projects of almost any size can be implemented. Joomla is one of the best designed programs when it comes to individuality and a wide range of functions and plug-ins. Since many online sites define themselves precisely through their own unique web design, Joomla enjoys great popularity. In contrast to other content management systems such as WordPress, the program has an object-oriented structure. As a result, it can be optimized and supplemented in a cost-saving manner and, assuming the necessary specialist knowledge, relatively easily without sacrificing quality.


In addition to the simple installation, the program is also characterized by its open source solution. It can be downloaded free of charge for everyone and can be used indefinitely. In direct comparison with other content management systems, Joomla shows small weaknesses here and there, but represents the best developed software in the overall view. A plus is certainly the good documentation and the broad community. The latter in particular regularly points out security gaps and encourages the development of new plug-ins over and over again.


The system weakens, especially with very wide-ranging web projects. In spite of complex structures and a clear distribution of roles, there is often a problem with the administration of rights.
Even if there is a large number of plug-ins, many common extensions are currently still chargeable and charge a high price. This applies, among other things, to multi-tenancy. In addition to the manual installation of additional plug-ins, the updates often cannot be carried out automatically and are therefore very time-consuming.


Ultimately, Joomla is a good CMS for the masses. Although Joomla is easier to use than, for example, Drupal or Typo3, it does not lose functionality or quality in a direct comparison. If you have enough budget for additional chargeable extensions and mainly operate in the area of medium-sized web projects, Joomla is a good all-round solution.

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