In addition to an innovative idea, the right communication is essential to expand the reach of your startup company. You can find out everything you need to know about successful communication in our article!



First of all, you should care about the design and content of your Website take care, because building this is critical to the success of yours Startups . As a rule, the potential customer decides within seconds based on the presented website whether he finds it appealing and convincing.

As in all areas of communication, the definition of the right target group also plays a decisive role here. First, ask yourself the following questions: Who do I want to reach with my product or service? What are the characteristics of these people and what design do I convince my target group with? Depending on the choice of your target group, you can make your design more classic or completely innovative. The choice of images or other visualization tools also depends on your target group.

Another important factor is the placement of the contact details on your website. These should be present and clearly visible so that potential customers can contact them directly.

In addition to the graphic aspects of your website, a successful one also plays a role SEO -Strategy plays an important role in expanding the reach of this. Because the higher your website ranks on Google, the more potential customers visit your website.

You can find everything about SEO in our area SEO tips .


Public relations via social media channels & maintaining contacts

Public relations are extremely important for startups, as this has a significant impact on the success of the company. Especially in the initial phase, the startup should communicate as much as possible in order to increase awareness of the company. The common ones are particularly suitable for this Social media Channels Facebook, Twitter and Co. to market your campaigns.

Another important tip: public relations is a matter for the boss! At least in the initial phase, public relations tasks should not be completely transferred to interns or external communication agencies. Because this is the only way you as a startup founder can implement the communication strategy that you have developed. In addition, unnecessary costs can be saved. However, once the communication strategy has been successfully established, these tasks should be delegated to the employees.

Another form of public is maintaining contact with journalists. It is therefore worth making personal contact with journalists who deal with the topic of your startup right from the start. However, you should not bother them with every little report, as your reports run the risk of being considered unimportant. You should only share qualitative and really important news with your journalistic contacts.


Internal communication for a successful startup

The last point we want to introduce to you should not be underestimated. This is internal communication. The success of a startup company depends very much on the perception of its employees. If the employees feel respected and comfortable at their workplace, this is often reflected in positive posts on social networks. A transparent decision-making process that is openly communicated to employees is therefore an essential part of communication and influences the success of a startup. That is why internal communication should not be underestimated and should be maintained from the outset in the same way as external communication


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