Do you want to make money with a niche website but are struggling to find the right niche for you? We have tips and tricks for you what you should consider when planning!


What actually is a niche website?

A niche site is a website that uses a specific niche to generate income. The niche website is aimed at a specific target group. You can also find a detailed definition in our Dictionary read up.


How do you find your niche?

To find your niche, you should first think about the following W-questions:

  • What do I want to offer the customer with my niche website?
  • How would I like to offer this to the customer in a profitable way?
  • Who is my target group?

Write down your ideas and thoughts on these questions, so you are one step closer to your niche site. Most of the time, the first question about what you want to offer the customer in concrete terms but is not yet adequately served is often a problem. Think for yourself which offer you always wanted to have or ask your friends. You’re sure to find exciting ideas together. If you have now found your niche, it is time to successfully implement it.

Tip: Check out our Find niche ideas checklist at.


What is important for a niche site to be successful?

In order to earn money with your niche website, two factors play an important role. First of all, the topic of your niche website should have a large search query, so there must be an interest in your niche. To do this, you can do a very simple analysis in Google, in which you enter your idea for a niche website in the search bar and see how many pages there are on this topic. At the bottom of the search query you will also find similar queries that are often searched for in this context. You can now enter these keywords via the Google Adwords keyword planner and see how the search volume is. You will find out how to use the focus keyword correctly here .

Another important factor in making money from your website is the amount of competition. If a lot is already offered on your topic, you either need a very good one SEO -Strategy or should define your niche in more detail. To give you an overview of the competition, just look at the results on the first page. Here you can quickly find out whether your niche is already adequately served.


How can you specifically generate income with your niche website?

You can now make money from your niche website in two basic ways. On the one hand, you can sell products directly through your website and thus generate income. On the other hand, you can expand your website into an affiliate website. Here you advertise other websites using an advertising banner on your niche website.

Tip: More on the topic Affiliate marketing with niche websites you can see in our post Find a niche with affiliate read.


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