One thing is certain – you want to sell your company. If you are now wondering what to watch out for, you’ve come to the right place. The aim of this article is to answer exactly that question.

Whatever you decided to sell. After reading this article, you will be provided with all the important information.

Sell a company – prepare & determine company value

If an entrepreneur wants to sell his company, it is important that he prepares the sale well. This usually starts years in advance. It is often a good idea to compare important key figures. For this you need data and information from the last financial years.

If you want to sell your company, sooner or later you have to decide on a sales amount. Above all, the key figures for profit, sales and equity play a decisive role. They are the basis for calculating the sales amount. But interested parties also use these key figures to decide how much the company is worth to them.

Openness and transparency

When it comes to wanting to sell their own company, many entrepreneurs try to present their business in an extremely positive way. Often, however, they forget to change their mindset about profits. Typically, entrepreneurs try to keep their reported profits as low as possible. The aim is to keep the money in the company. However, when it comes to selling a business, an opposite mindset is better. The level of profits in particular is a sign of economic success. Prospective buyers are therefore usually very interested in these key figures.

solve problems

Every buyer will always do a thorough check before buying a company. Every discrepancy makes the company less attractive. Under certain circumstances, this can even depress the purchase price. Entrepreneurs should therefore resolve problems early on. In addition to legal disputes, this can also include pension arrears, fiscal years that have not been audited by the tax office or long-term liabilities.

Make the company attractive

The last step is ultimately to put the company in a positive light. Especially if you want to sell to strangers, it makes sense to deal with trends at an early stage. Entrepreneurs who want to sell their company should therefore orient themselves to the ideas and requirements of potential buyers. This can mean, among other things, a straightforward corporate structure or an orderly reporting system. Sometimes, however, certain corporate goals or the interpretation according to IFRS are also required parameters.

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