You have built a niche website and want it to get to the top of Google. You are sure, like many others, that you are the Website part-time raise or have other things to do. So you have little time to write really good texts and you want a little first Content Offer. SEO texts are often used for this. We would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of SEO texts to you.

What are SEO texts

SEO texts or search engine optimized texts , are the basis of search engine optimization. This means that you search for a keyword such as boots and write a text about boots. The actual added value for the reader is in second place behind the actual goal: added value for the reader. The author primarily wants the text to rank on Google in any case.

SEO texts can often be found on numerous websites. Here is a brief example of the keyword Corner table : A corner table can help you in everyday life and is very important. Every morning when I wake up I put important things on my corner table and enjoy them every day.

You can tell that the text does not offer any added value but contains the keyword very often. The reader is likely to click away from this and wonder whether you’ve had too much to drink. Yet there are advantages and alternatives that one can look to Have texts written can.

Reading tip: Relationship between added value and SEO in texts

Advantages of SEO texts

The advantages of such texts are often high for young pages or new keywords. Usually you place the text somehow in the middle of a larger text or at the end of the website. The aim is for the content to help ensure that the page is even included in Google. An SEO text can help especially on pages with many images or interactive elements. The SEO text should not be the central point of the page, but rather be flanking.

Disadvantages of SEO texts

Of course, SEO texts are not useful in the long term and destroy the added value of the site. So you should only use this for a short time. Nor does it mean that an SEO text does not necessarily have to make any sense at all. Google can take you out of the index if the bounce rate is high. You can generally optimize any text. We at Projektify also revise our texts on a regular basis.

Tips for your SEO texts

It makes basic sense if you have a mix like always. On the one hand, your texts should be optimized for SEO so that Google can pick them up and, on the other hand, they should offer added value. What actually makes sense is that you write a very good text and also write two more SEO-optimized texts, which link to the texts and thus redirect all traffic to the rather good texts. So at some point Google will notice that your main text is good and you can delete the SEO texts again in the long run. How to write a good text and optimize this SEO we show in our two follow-up articles:

Tips: Write blog articles

Tips: SEO optimization

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