This article deals with the question of what types of content there are and how holistic content can help you get to the top on Google. If you want to market yourself on Google, then you need content. But you will notice: Content is not just content.

Types of content

Most of all you will find classic texts on Google. The written word is often easy to create and is therefore popular. There are also images and videos that are more interactive content than the Google main search, but can be found under images or videos.

You can also develop graphics or infographics that underpin your content. So you can show your user numbers or give social media tips via such an infographic. A chart can also display statistics in a clear manner. As always, the mix does it: A long text with 5 pictures has a more relaxed effect on the reader and will probably be more successful than without pictures or graphics.

Holistic content

Now we come to the holistic ( holistic ) Content. That means: to deal with a topic comprehensively, i.e. in all ways. You optimize as no more for a keyword like Buy cheap wooden toys but you inform your users about Wooden toys full. This includes on the one hand mixing all different types of content and writing at least 5-10 articles.

example : You want to inform about SEO, so you should also write an article on on-page SEO as well as on offpage SEO. This could include sub-topics such as backlinks and social media strategy as well as articles about the importance of keyword density and many more.

Holistic content is particularly suitable for niche sites but also for large sites. Very often it is of little use if you only broach many topics. It is better to describe 2-4 large topics correctly or, in the case of a niche page, the niche should be described comprehensively and in detail anyway.

Conclusion: Modern content is holistic

The holistic content is often referred to as modern SEO. This makes sense, since comprehensive information about a topic brings potential for large keywords as well as high added value for the user. He gets all the information he needs about a topic on one page and does not have to laboriously search for it.

We at Projektify have also limited ourselves to 15 topics and blog more extensively about them. To this end, we coordinate with each other in the editorial team and also divide the competencies into the various categories. Each category has at least 5 articles. From this number we create sub-categories, which also have 5-10 articles.

Alternative: buy finished content

Don’t feel like writing so many articles or are you running out of ideas? Then you can also consider buying an existing website and the Content integrate this into your website. The advantage is that you don’t have to write as many blog articles of your own. So look at it directly in our advertisements ! Maybe you will find a suitable project.

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