If you have been thinking about starting a business for a long time, sooner or later you will have to deal with the costs of setting up a start-up. You can find out what you can expect from this in this article.

Founding a start-up requires not only a good concept and a lot of courage, but also a considerable amount of financial resources. It is often difficult for start-ups to keep an eye on all costs and to get an overview of the price range. That is exactly why we have summarized the most important information about the start-up costs of a start-up for you.

Start-up costs for a start-up

Even if you have not yet reached the formal establishment of your future existence, there are already costs. First of all, it is important to distinguish between real costs on the one hand and investments on the other.

Cost vs. Investment

Start-up costs are particularly characterized by the fact that they usually come about before the formal start-up and do not affect the income. Examples of such costs include visits to trade fairs, commissioning a company for the purpose of a market analysis or notary and business registration costs. All of these expenses must first of all be made out of pocket by those starting up in business. Many people write them off as early as in their first financial year.

Investments, on the other hand, describe expenses that are absolutely necessary for starting a business, but are usually only made after the formal establishment. Investments can be, for example, investments in the business building, the vehicle fleet or the marketing of the start-up. These expenses often have a major impact on the course of business. Since they are often significantly higher than the start-up costs, they are usually borne by the type of business you choose.

Amount of start-up costs

It is not possible to say in general what amount the start-up costs of a start-up will ultimately amount to. In addition to the type of company, this also depends, among other things, on the entrepreneur himself.
So that you can get an approximate idea, we have developed specific numerical examples for a typical GmbH based on average values.

Case study GmbH

For notarizations, contracts, registration and entry in the commercial register as well as an announcement in the electronic Federal Gazette, shareholders must reckon with costs of around 600-700 euros. In addition, there is about another 200 euros for the monitoring of the capital investment, the foundation report and the trade office. Overall, in this case, start-up costs of around 800-900 euros can be expected.

Tips for saving start-up costs

There are many ways you can save a bit of money on startup costs. We have summarized three tips that are particularly easy and practical for everyone to apply here:

Business form

Instead of founding a GmbH directly associated with comparatively high costs, you should think about starting with an inexpensive UG. You can always change your start-up to a GmbH later.

Broker fees

Broker fees can also tear a big hole in your start-up capital. Therefore, if you really need a broker, you should definitely try to negotiate the price. As is well known, asking does not cost anything and in the best case you can save a few euros afterwards.

Used items

Instead of equipping your startup with new equipment from scratch, you can also consider purchasing some used items. Many entrepreneurs regularly offer their old stocks from company sales or by exchanging new equipment. Here you can often buy for less than half the original price.

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