Who doesn’t know the dream of owning a startup, setting up something of your own and becoming successful with it. While there is often no lack of motivation and passion, there is often one brilliant idea missing make money online . Many entrepreneurs therefore decide to buy an existing startup and turn it into their own project. But is it worth taking this step in Part-time self-employment at all and how much can you really earn with it? We will answer these and other questions for you in the course of this article.

When do we actually speak of a startup?

Not every small company is a startup, even if the term is now used in a misleading way. Rather, a startup describes a company that has not yet been able to establish itself on the market, but was founded to implement a promising business idea with mostly little start-up capital. The company is still in the early stages, but has the ambition and potential to grow quickly and to find a suitable business model for itself.

Advantages and disadvantages

As you know, startups are at the very beginning of the chain of success. At the same time, this also means that there are completely different opportunities and risks for you than with long-established companies. We would like to introduce some of them to you here.


A startup is often like a small family. Most of the time you will work with a few other employees. Everyone knows each other, everyone pulls together. Decision-making paths are usually short here, hierarchies are kept flat. The working atmosphere is rarely bad because everyone knows the price of success. In startups, you often don’t work alone for the boss, but want to achieve something together as a team. Appreciation is often capitalized here. The first successes ultimately follow the snowball principle.


As nice as working in a startup sounds, there are downsides here too. A startup demands a lot of effort, especially at the beginning. Overtime is not uncommon here. The pay and income are often low, as success is usually a long time coming. If these two disadvantages are not already difficult enough, young entrepreneurs often have to withstand their own expectations and external pressure to finally get the company on the road to success. The lack of security and the often great competition ultimately do the rest.

How much can I actually earn with a startup?

Nevertheless, more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to take over a startup. Most of them know about the difficult early days, but also see the potential.
Many are hoping for high income in the future as well as possible independence.
We want to show you exactly how much you can earn with a startup using the following graphic.


You see, it is possible to build a startup successfully and earn enough to live on. The way there is often long and rocky. In the end, many startups do not make any sales. Not every idea is crowned with success and not every young entrepreneur is made for this form of self-realization.
Ultimately, however, you have to decide for yourself whether taking over a startup makes sense for you. But as the saying goes? Nothing ventured nothing gained.

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