Blogs are a dime a dozen. A successful blog can only exist with the right concept. The right framework to generate enough traffic must also be in place. In this article you will find out how you can put this into practice and what you need to consider.

The rules of success

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a guarantee for the success of your project. Nevertheless, a successful blog has a chance of becoming a reality, especially if you observe a few crucial basic rules when implementing it.

Do not hesitate

This is probably one of the biggest obstacles at the beginning. It is not uncommon for most bloggers to ponder the implementation for far too long instead of simply starting. No question about it, it is not easy to implement everything perfectly right away, to have the right topic in hand and the right concept at the same time. But nobody expects that either. If you’re not sure what exactly to write about or what the framework for your blog should look like, then just start somehow. Even if the beginning seems incredibly chaotic to you, over time you will develop a feeling for exciting topics and the development of content. Trust yourself and your abilities and the rest will come by itself.

Looking for a niche

A successful blog can also be implemented if you serve a niche with your content. Sometimes the chances of high popularity are even greater because on the one hand you have less competition and on the other hand you hit the nerve of many people who have been waiting for your content.

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Develop a unique selling proposition

Even if you have a niche blog, it always makes sense to develop a unique selling point. After all, other authors can jump on the same train at any time and possibly even push you out of your niche. However, if you have found a way to differentiate yourself from everyone else and thereby offer your readers special added value, future competition will have a very difficult time competing against you. Such added value can be of a very different nature. For example, you can create monthly specials, spice up your blog with videos or develop your own style. Just try it out and see what suits you and your blog.

Good marketing

But also the Marketing your blog You shouldn’t neglect. After all, you first have to make your community aware of your blog and then trigger it to become loyal readers. The social media area is particularly suitable for keeping your followers up to date. So you can keep up to date on new articles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Co. Another advantage here is that you can usually reach a large number of people at the same time and this form of marketing does not cost you a cent.

Interaction with the community

Ultimately, it is also important that you keep in touch with your community on a regular basis. Many readers would like to learn more about the author behind the exciting texts. If you are not hiding behind your blog, but are even looking for an exchange yourself, your readers can get to know you better and, of course, identify themselves better with your blog.

But also with regard to trends and a cutting-edge portfolio of articles, it makes sense to regularly ask your community what they would like to learn more about next.


Even if the foundation of your blog is of course your articles, it still makes sense to pay attention to the points mentioned above. You can understand them as an aid with which you build up and consolidate your foundation. They are also a good opportunity to continuously develop yourself or to reinvent yourself in uncreative times.

Last but not least, there is one thing you should keep in mind:
Like nothing else, a successful blog depends above all on yourself. Be open to new things, have fun writing and communicating with your readership and, above all, always stay true to yourself. These characteristics not only have an unbelievably likeable effect on your followers, but also give you the motivation to stick with it.

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