Earning money online is becoming an increasingly popular way to increase your own income a little. Before most beginners put their web project into practice, however, there are usually many questions and often doubts. Is a web project worth it at all? How much work and time do I have to invest to earn something? And how big is the income that I can generate? Questions about questions that we want to get to the bottom of the answer in this article.

The different web project options

The basis of every web project is usually its own website. All operational measures can be regulated from here and it forms the platform for the visitors to your site. The more people click on your site, the higher your traffic will be. This has a great influence on the earning potential and the amount of income that you can achieve with your web project. We would now like to introduce you to some different ways in which you can run your website and earn money with it.

online shop / Sell your own products

A good way to make money online is to set up your own online shop. Here you have the choice of either purchasing goods from dealers and reselling them at a profit or whether you offer your own products online. Both options mean a lot of input, but usually also have one of the highest income rates.


Dropshipping works in a similar way to your own online shop, except for the fact that you have to invest comparatively less work here. In contrast to the classic online sale of products, you never come into physical contact with the goods with dropshipping. Instead, you offer your range of products online, but contact your dealer directly after receiving an order. This is because he stores the goods for you and also takes care of shipping to your customers. So you can sell your goods online for a fee for your dealer without any storage or shipping costs.

Blog with Adsense Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

If you enjoy writing, your own blog may be right for you. With the help of Adsense or Affiliate Marketing, you can also easily earn money.

With Adsense Marketing, you simply make your blog available for advertising purposes. All you have to do is register your website with Google Adsense. An algorithm will then assign you advertising banners from external companies that match your blog and the interests of your followers. After all, you advertise with such banners and ads on your website and can earn money with them.

In affiliate marketing, on the other hand, you set your own targeted advertising content. First of all, you need a commercial partner to advertise for. This can be a well-known online shop, for example. Now you always set links in your content in suitable places or draw your followers’ attention to this partner in newsletters. If you are interested, your visitors can finally click on the link you have set. You will then be redirected to the website of the online shop (in our example). Here you can now buy the advertised product. You will then receive a profit commission for every income you earn.

Of course, there are other ways to make money online. You can learn more about it here.

Is a web project worth it?

Whether a web project is worthwhile always depends on how much time and work you invest. The amount, but especially the quality and the subject area of content that you develop have a major influence on your success. Nevertheless, it is usually not easy to become successful at all, and when it does, this rarely happens overnight. The fact that it is becoming more and more difficult nowadays to draw attention to yourself with a niche site and interesting topics is not least due to the fact that the supply is growing faster than the demand. Internet users are faced with an overwhelming range of options on the Internet and it is up to you to catch their eye with your web project.

The large number of offers also continuously reduces the earning potential, as it is becoming increasingly difficult for you as a seller or provider to find partners for affiliate or Adsense marketing or to assert yourself against the competition with your web project in the online shop or dropshipping area.

Basically, it is therefore advisable to initially lead a web project on a part-time basis and slowly but carefully build it up. While many are so happy to generate a few more income in addition to their normal job, some even manage to jump into self-employment at some point after intensive and long-term preparation.

How much can I earn with my web project?

This is the most frequently asked question when it comes to setting up a web project. At the same time, it is also the most difficult. This is due to the fact that the income that you can achieve with your web project depends on many different parameters. Ultimately, of course, everything is always aimed at your success and that can vary just by choosing your income variant. With an online shop, for example, you can earn money faster because you can get customers here immediately. In comparison, you have to make a name for yourself in affiliate marketing in order to be considered by commercial providers. Over time, however, the income here may be higher than from the sole sale of products.

The time and work you invest in your web project naturally also has a big impact. The more in-demand content you create, the more trendsetting you are and the more traffic you generate on your site, the faster and better you can generate income.

Winning examples for different types of web projects

So you can see that the various parameters represent many levers that, depending on the operation, have a different effect on your possible earnings.
But since we know how much you like to know about exact numbers, we want to give you a few examples of average income when making money with your own web project and show you why it is usually worthwhile to run a website only part-time.

Since every niche website has a different potential for success, we can unfortunately not give you a tip a la run 5 niche sites (with an income of 600 euros per month each) full-time and you can live well with a monthly wage of 3000 euros. Every side is different. Some successful web projects achieve or exceed the above income. Usually operators of these sites only have one or two of these types and not a dozen.

Other projects may only bring in 100 to 200 euros per month, as is often the case with Adsense Marketing sites, for example. Perhaps it is precisely these web projects that you enjoy the most, because you can realize yourself more here on your own blog, i.e. through an online shop where you only serve the end customer as a middleman.

But you can also make some money with blogs if you do everything right. A great way to do this is by using affiliate marketing.

Let’s assume an average visitor rate of 3500 for a well-visited site. If 2 percent of your followers not only click on your set link to your commercial partner, but also buy there and you receive an average of 10 euros commission per sale, this results in a monthly wage of 700 euros (3500 visitors x 2% purchase rate x 10 euros). As you can see, it’s not a bad salary, but one that takes time and experience and none of which you can live well on your own. As a part-time income, however, this is a great opportunity to earn decent pocket money with comparatively little work.


Whichever variant of a web project you choose, ultimately your fun and your interests should always be in the foreground. Earning a lot of money online is already difficult and an unpopular activity doesn’t exactly make creating content on a regular basis any easier. So rather look for a project that you are passionate about and that you have the necessary passion for. Then success usually comes by itself.

Your own web project using Projektify

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