You stand in front of your website and have built up a lot of content and with it your first visitors. Now you would like to earn some money with it and are considering whether you should use Adsense or Affiliate Marketing. We explain both methods to you and give you recommendations as to which method is worthwhile when.

When is affiliate marketing suitable?

Affiliate means that you usually build a niche page or content page and use targeted links to direct customers to another page with a certain product or service so that they can buy it. The Amazon Affiliate Program deserves a special mention here.

It is especially worthwhile for information pages on a topic such as loans etc. or product comparison pages and product descriptions such as technical devices or product experience reports. Bloggers can also offer books or the like via affiliate, for example.

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In summary, affiliate marketing is worthwhile if the customer is looking for something and you offer them a solution. An alternative to this is dropshipping. You can read about this in our further article.

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When is Adsense suitable?

With Adsense can be advertised on your website. To do this, Google uses an algorithm to select meaningful ads and show them on the areas of your website that you have defined. There are also text ads, display ads and link blocks.

For this purpose, advertisers book Adwords with Google and these will be displayed on your page. You get around 68% of the click price. Bloggers in particular like to use Adsense and it is often recommended for them. Adsense can also be worthwhile for private websites with good content, as can news portals.

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In summary, Adsense is worthwhile for content pages or pages with free content that is financed by advertising. We would advise against forums, company websites and online shops.

When are both suitable?

You can already see from both articles that often only Adsense or affiliate marketing is worthwhile. But when is a combination of the two worthwhile? This question can easily be answered across the board: blogs and content pages. Here you can build a meaningful combination of Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate and Adsense projects at Projektify

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