There are many ways Passive income to earn on the net. Dropshipping and display / Adsense marketing are very popular options. In online forums you can often find questions about how these two forms of Making money on the net distinguish and how to find out which one to choose.

What is dropshipping?

At the Dropshipping you offer products for sale on your online site that you have previously purchased from a supplier. As soon as a customer order is received, you inform your supplier, who will send the goods to your customer. You yourself are the owner of the goods, but you never come into physical contact with them. In addition to storage, this also saves you shipping costs. Nevertheless, you are in the position to decide on your own pricing and marketing measures.

What is Display / Adsense Marketing?

With display or Adsense Marketing is about placing banners, ads and other advertising-related content. While in display marketing you create the ads yourself and distribute them on other internet platforms in addition to your own, in Adsense marketing you only make your website available. With the help of an algorithm, Google finally assigns you advertising content that is related to your content and your target group. While in display marketing you only earn money by generating new customers if they also buy from you after clicking on the advertisement, you only generate income with Adsense by simply making your platform available.

Differences Between Dropshipping and Display / Adsense Marketing

You don’t know exactly how to choose one of the online marketing forms. With the help of the following overview, we want to help you a little bit differently so that you can then choose the right concept for you.

Dropshipping Display marketing AdSense Marketing
principle Distribution of own products, storage and delivery by suppliers Create your own advertisements and banners, publish on your own as well as on other platforms Register with your own website, publish third-party advertising content using the Google AdSense algorithm
Main task Development of your own brand, generation of traffic and content rich in content for your own website Disseminate your own advertising content on your own and other platforms and use links to guide customers to your own site Providing your own platform for third-party advertising content
Building your own business requires an understanding of the effect of ads and other marketing instruments for the sale of specially offered products as well as the constant optimization of measures and relevant target groups Assumes an understanding of the development of advertising content as well as the constant optimization of measures and relevant target groups Difficult to do because the algorithm distributes advertising content and you have no control over it yourself
costs Marketing and other advertising costs and the operation of your own website are borne by the provider Marketing and other advertising costs and running your own website Only for running your own website
Profit Profit is based on the amount of products sold and 100% goes to the provider By selling your own products, when customers are directed to your own website by means of links For providing your own website
Risks Comparatively high, as we sell our own products Comparatively high, as own responsibility for advertising content low


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