For many, having your own website is not only an important source of income, but also like having your own baby. So it’s no wonder that many people regularly think about a niche site backup! But is such a data backup worthwhile and if so, what is the best way to do it?

Do I need a niche site backup?

Just imagine once, all of your data is suddenly gone and all your work is virtually in vain? A frightening thought, isn’t it? A niche site backup can prevent exactly that! Therefore it is obvious: A niche site backup makes sense!

For some business people, for example the self-employed, neglecting such a niche site backup can even endanger their own existence. Because lost data can result in huge financial losses that even lead to Company bankruptcy could lead.

Benefits of a niche site backup

So you see: A niche page backup is extremely important and also has many advantages for you:

  • Most versions of backups offer you the option of backing up all the data on your niche site at once with just a few clicks.
  • You always have your data up to date – completely automatically.
  • Multiple copies of your data for increased security
  • If data should be lost, it can usually be easily restored thanks to the backup.
  • Such a recovery usually does not take long.

Procedure for backing up the data

When backing up your data and using a niche site backup, YOU have different options:

Backup from the hoster

If you consider yourself to be too inexperienced with the matter or if you want to do this additional work, but not the security of your data, you can simply hire a hosting provider. The hoster will then carry out regular updates on your behalf for a fee.

Own backup

Of course, you can also rely on yourself and do a niche site backup manually. For this you need an FTP program that downloads the files from your website to your PC.

However, you should definitely stay on the ball and create backups regularly – even if it may seem annoying. But this is the only way you can always access the latest data records after the recovery in the event of a loss.

Backup plugins for CMS

You also have the option of a combination of manual and hosting backup. Lots Content management systems offer plugins that automatically perform regular plugins. So you don’t have to do everything yourself, but you don’t have to pay any additional costs for the service of a host either.

Such CMS plugins also convince with the fact that you can often decide for yourself where your data should be backed up, so that if you lose it, you know exactly where you can find it and restore it.

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