You dream of founding your own company but actually have no idea what you have to consider. In addition to a Start-up advice online these important steps can also help you with a smooth implementation.

6 important steps in starting a business

Even with the right amount of motivation and a good idea, going from zero to one hundred can be a difficult undertaking. Especially when you don’t know what actually needs to be observed and prepared.

Step 1: Draw up a business plan

If you don’t need a business plan for financing anyway, then you should at least set it up for yourself. Write down your ideas and procedures in a detailed plan. So you never lose track and always know what’s next. In addition, you can react so much better to the unforeseen because you already know exactly the next steps or your capital amount.

Step 2: Determine the legal form

Anyone who founds a company must also commit to a legal form. Especially when it comes to taxation, there are big differences in the various options. So find out in advance what exactly suits you and your company. In addition to commercial forms such as merchants or freelancers, there are also variants such as sole proprietorship, GbR, UG or GmbH.

If you are unsure about this, you should get fast, non-binding support from an online start-up consultancy. However, going to the notary or possibly drawing up a partnership agreement will still be necessary.

Step 3: Register your company

If you have successfully completed the first two steps, it is time to register your company. In Germany there are many different reporting requirements and no legal form is excluded. Depending on what you have decided on, you must therefore inform authorities such as the trade office, IHK, chamber of crafts, commercial register or tax office about your project.

But don’t worry – many offices have already digitized this junk. On the websites of the individual authorities you will often find sample forms that you can fill out online and send off immediately.

Step 4: Pay attention to finances and taxes

Finances and taxes are probably the most uncomfortable topic when starting a business, but unfortunately they are absolutely necessary.

In addition to the financing But there are numerous other points to consider. The opening of a business account, the choice of the legal form, the subsequent bookkeeping or any funding also fall under this area.

Since this is often a complicated topic that requires specialist knowledge, it makes sense, especially for inexperienced people, to invest a little here and get professional advice. Not only Financial advisor can be of great value. Online start-up advice can also help you here quickly.

Step 5: Open an account

It is often better to separate personal and business finances. For this it makes sense to open a business account. Especially when it comes to taxes, you will have a quicker overview here later. Many banks offer discounted opportunities for founders to do this.

Step 6: Set up the website

Finally, of course, it is also important that you can present yourself to your customers online. To do this, you should set up a professional website that precisely describes your activities and your offer and, ideally, also presents it in an appealing way. If you are a craftsman, there is little point in playing with design. After all, your customers don’t want to see what your programming is capable of, but rather how you can paint the living room wall from red back to white as quickly as possible. It looks completely different, of course, if you are in a creative job industry. Your website can be a kind of business card here.

Get help from start-up advice online

Of course, these are not all things you should consider when starting your business. Every startup is different, with different requirements and different possibilities. If you want to be on the safe side or have simply lost track of things, you can easily get one Start-up advice online get help here at Projektify. Such experts are very knowledgeable and always know the right answer to many important questions. Consultations on the net also have the advantage that you usually receive support much faster than the conventional way. This is an advantage, especially for startups and impatient founders. No long waiting times and overpriced commissions but fast and cheap but still professional advice.

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