Certainly there is also one or the other acquaintance in your circle of friends who can improve his income a little through various earning opportunities on the Internet.

Earning money online is no longer an exception and more and more people are discovering the potential behind it.

If you’ve got a taste for it and more on the subject Passive income and want to find out about the various earning opportunities on the Internet, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is passive income?

Passive income is basically income that earns itself, so to speak. Of course, you can’t make any money just lying on the couch. The generation of passive income also requires work and sometimes not a little. Unlike a normal job, where you actively earn money, here you usually do the work in advance. Afterwards, your sources of income are usually a sure-fire success that requires little further work and continuously brings you money. For many people it is therefore worthwhile to generate passive income with the help of earning opportunities on the Internet and that in addition to their actual active job.

The different ways to earn money on the Internet

Now that you know what passive income is all about, we now want to present you with a few of the most popular earning opportunities on the Internet.

Own online shop

Part-time self-employment can be implemented particularly well by setting up your own online shop. Here you can, for example, resell cheaply purchased products and earn a little money through the difference between purchase and sales price, depending on how successful your shop is.

However, you should note that having your own web shop also means a lot of work. Because once you have set up your shop, you have to maintain your online presence. In order not to lose customers, in addition to following trends and providing an ever larger range of products, you should also offer good customer service. An online shop also includes a lot of paperwork and, of course, from a legal point of view, you have to be continuously informed about new laws and regulations, such as B. the new GDPR.

Sell your own products

If you like developing things yourself or are a sales genius, it can also be worthwhile to sell your own products. Once you have put all your offers online, buyers can choose from your offer and order the goods from you. In contrast to other earning opportunities, you still have a lot of work to do here, similar to the online shop. Because in addition to shipping the goods, you also have to take care of supplies, suppliers, the creation of new products, raw materials and so on. On the other hand, you can probably achieve higher income here once your business is up and running than through other passive income options.


Dropshipping is also about selling products. Because here you are offering products on your online site that you have previously purchased from a supplier. As soon as a customer orders from you, you inform the supplier instead of sending the goods yourself. With dropshipping, it is the supplier’s job to send the goods to your customer.

Although you are the owner of the goods yourself, you never come into physical contact with them. In addition to storage fees, this method also saves you shipping costs. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to decide on the pricing and necessary marketing measures yourself and to implement them.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is particularly worthwhile if you have a well-running blog or a frequently visited website. You can easily find a commercial provider for a partnership via affiliate exchanges. As an affiliate, it is ultimately your job to set links in your texts and posts to the page of your partner company, the merchandiser. Your content should of course fit thematically to the inventory of the commercial provider.

So when visitors call up your page, read your entries and click on the link, they are immediately redirected to the merchandiser’s page and usually to a specific product or service. You can only purchase both on your partner’s homepage.

The more people click on the link you have set, the better it is for you. As a rule, you will participate in the merchandiser’s profit on a commission basis.

Display / Adsense Marketing

Display or Adsense Marketing describes the placement of banners and other advertising media of this kind. This variant of passive income is also worthwhile, especially if you have your own and well-visited website.

While with display marketing you can develop the banners yourself and place them online on other internet platforms in addition to your own, with Adsense marketing you only offer your website, like an advertising board. With the help of an algorithm, Google assigns you partner programs that match your content and your target group. While you can earn money in display marketing with the help of gaining new customers, you earn with Adsense simply by making your online presence available.

However there it countless other options for earning income on the Internet and generating passive income. So if you want to find out more about this topic, just click here . By clicking on the presented options for earning income on the Internet, you can also find out more about the respective topic.

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